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Who and What is Trip Coach?

We’re Mike and Anne Howard, seasoned travelers who will teach you everything you need to know to take a long-term trip–anywhere in the world and on any budget. Using the knowledge and experience we’ve gained during our 675-day trip around the world, we created Trip Coach: in-person workshops that we tailor to each student to ensure you have the support, tools, and skills to make your journey a reality.

What can Trip Coach teach me?
Our time-tested and approved tips on budgeting, route-planning, transportation, visas, packing, lodging, health, safety, communication, technology, photography, volunteering, travel blogging and so much more.
How to…

  • Get free lodging in nearly every major city in the world
  • Rack up frequent flyer miles and save thousands on flights (we earned 430,000 miles and saved $11,834)
  • Pack the perfect combination of gear, tech and clothes (and equally important, what NOT to pack)
  • Turn your smart phone into a travel ninja (best apps for GPS, finance, currency, language translators and more)
  • Avoid buying bottled water, saving approximately $1,000 per year (without using those gross iodine tabs)
  • Line up the right credit cards and bank accounts to save over $2,000 per year in fees
  • Get off the “Lonely Planet Track” and experience the most awe-inspiring places on Earth

How much does it cost to take a long-term trip?
This is different for every traveler, and depends on your comfort needs, speed of travel and what regions of the world you wish to see. If you follow our tips and tricks you will be able to travel the world for under $40/day. To see where your travel funds stand, add up your available savings and divide that sum by $40–that’s how many days you can travel. Say you have $5,000 saved up, you can go on a 125-day journey throughout Asia, Central America, Africa, and/or Eastern Europe. Or say you didn’t have any money saved, we’ll work with you on a small-dose savings strategy where if you put $10 a day for two years, you can then go travel for six months without working on the road. If there is a will, there’s a way!

How does Trip Coach work?
Every Trip Coach course is a one-on-one Skype session where we address your travel questions and give you unparalleled advice. It begins with a questionnaire so we can tailor our course to your exact needs and trip, followed by the course of your choosing. There are three levels of Trip Coach service; as they go up, more topics are covered in greater detail and cater more to your specific trip; plus there is increased support during your RTW travel planning process and on the road. The Boot Camps are made to dig deeper into specific travel topics of interest. When you complete any of the courses, we invite you to join our Trip Coach Graduates Group to gain access to exclusive resources, travel news, and most importantly a community of fellow RTW travelers.

Level FREE: Curiosity Calls
Want to get a feel if Trip Coach would be right for you? Give us a call! Ce can offer you a free ten-minute consultation. We are here seven days a week from 9am-9pm EST at 888-852-9383 (or) chat with us using the widget to the right!

Level 1: Traveler Q&A Skype SessionView course details here
Level 2: Power CourseView course details here
Level 3: Master Traveler CourseView full program details here

Boot Camp: Mileage HackingView full program details here
Boot Camp: Travel BloggingView full program details here
Boot Camp: Honeymoon PlanningView full program details here

Why should I pay for Trip Coach?
Reason #1: Our travel tips will save you at least 5x the total cost of your course. Guaranteed! If you return from your RTW trip and you don’t think Trip Coach saved you at least 5x the cost of our course, we will refund 100% of your course.
Reason #2 (the most important reason): We will teach you how to become a savvy, safe, strong, independent traveler who’s ready for anything. Our training will build your confidence to get off the tourist track, arrive in any town in the world without a room reservation, travel via local transportation, eat street food…and elevate your trip from just connecting a string of beautiful sights into a life-changing journey.

Who can benefit from Trip Coach?

  • Someone who realizes that a two-week vacation once a year is simply not enough
  • Someone who thinks that waiting until you’re 65-years old to hike glaciers, take up surfing, and party at Rio’s Carnival seems a tad late
  • Someone who has a job, maybe a house, and real responsibilities but can’t quiet figure out how to put them on hold
  • Someone who has read travel blogs and guide books but realizes the value of sitting down and talking to someone who can directly and specifically answer your specific questions
  • Someone who believes life is short and it’s time to get after it!

TRIP COACH RESOURCES (a few of many…)

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RTW Cost Calculator
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Lisa & Sean Trip Coach Course“As soon as our first session was done, we both looked at each other and say “Phew, thank God for them! How would we do it without them as our travel coach?!” So THANK YOU!!! They are so easy to talk to and make it very easy to ask questions. They shed light on things we didn’t even think about and although it is nerve-wracking – it’s what we needed to hear. They gave us the tools, the knowledge and the confidence that we needed to know that our dream was most definitely becoming a reality. The advice they give is unparalleled and more importantly, the support and encouragement they give is priceless. We truly believe that they believe in us and, in a world where this journey is not “normal,” having people support you is crucial. There are not enough words to begin to express our gratitude towards Mike and Anne but one thing is FOR SURE…if you have a calling to travel the world, look no further. HoneyTrek Trip Coach is your ticket to living a life you can look back on and be so proud about.”
–Lisa & Sean, Trip Coach Master Course graduate

Hai-Phung Trip Coach Client“I met Mike and Anne at a really pivotal juncture in my life. I had made the decision to quit my job and move from NYC to take a career break a few months prior, but was experiencing a lot of doubt and anxiety around the decision and how to make it all really happen. Not only did they quell my doubt and anxiety about taking big solo trip, but they presented a very clear pathway of how it all can materialize. The session was packed full of great information related to planning, budgeting, tips and tricks, and tons of resources that I am still culling through. I will reference this new knowledge during my own career break over the next 6-12 months, and anytime I travel in the future. I strongly recommend anyone who is entertaining the idea of a career break or long term travel (or even a short trip could be made more meaningful with their advice) to connect with Mike and Anne – it will change your life forever!”
–Hai Phung, Power Course graduate

1-katy mike“Mike and Anne offered us invaluable information and insight that helped guide our planning from start to finish. With their help we streamlined our packing list and were able to downsize our luggage to just a 40 liter backpack each for our round the world trip. They also helped us earn over 60,000 miles to use on our flights! They had great advice on which electronics to bring (and which to ditch), budgeting on the road and safety. We are super excited to visit their specific off-the-beaten-path recommendations in Turkey and Indonesia. Our Trip Coach course with Mike and Anne not only helped us be more prepared, but got us unbelievably excited for our upcoming adventure!”
–Katy & Mike, Q&A Skype Session

1-johG-001“Mike and Anne gave me so much inspiration and detailed trip planning ideas and support. They just completed a year-long trip and documented what worked and didn’t. Even though I did not get into the details of my trip with them until the last two weeks before leaving, their input was invaluable and gave me some much needed confidence in the areas I was concerned about. If anyone is everything of taking a long trip you should definitely reach out to them!
–John, Trip Coach Master Course graduate

matt-jackie“Getting on the phone with Anne and Mike and talking through what we were looking for in a honeymoon…that helped me define our approach to the entire trip! From their hotel and activity recommendations to mileage tips, they have experienced it all first-hand so having their input is very valuable.”
–Matt & Jacqui, Honeymoon Planning Boot Camper


Want to learn more? Give us a call at (888) 852-9383, email us at [email protected]


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