All Trip Coach courses are one-on-one sessions where Anne & Mike personally address your travel questions and give you highly customized and valuable advice. As the levels go up, we cover more topics in greater detail, further cater to your specific trip route, and increase the on-going support options throughout your planning process and time on the road. In addition to our long-term travel courses, we run 250-intensive boot camps: Frequent Flyer Bootcamp (focusing exclusively on free flights around the world), how to elevate your travel blog (earning money and free luxury stays with your blog), and planning an epic honeymoon (how to splash out without breaking the bank). Once you’ve completed any of our courses, you will be invited to join our private Trip Coach Graduates Facebook group and gain access to exclusive resources, time-sensitive travel deals, and most importantly a community of fellow world travelers who are planning/departing/living/returning from their own journeys.

We recommend Trip Coach for anyone looking to travel for a month or more. If you’d like to get far-flung on a time-crunch or need help coordinating your itinerary, check out HoneyTrek Trips…our off-the-track travel agency.

If you have any questions about the following courses or HoneyTrek Trips do not hesitate to give us a call any day of the week from 9am-9pm PST, (888) 852-9383, or chat with us using the widget to the right. We look forward to hearing from you!

Free Consultation with Mike & Anne

Are you dreaming/thinking/planning a trip around the world? Do you want to amplify your award travel skills? Do you want to talk with someone who’s successfully taken an affordable and epic RTW? How about someone who’s earned 2.13 million frequent flyers miles (without flying) since 2012? Have questions about how our Trip Coach courses are structured? If you are serious about flying and staying for free around the world or starting your own extended trip, chat with us using the widget to the right or schedule a call with us…we are offering a FREE 15-minute consultation for anyone interested in Trip Coach.

Price: Completely free, just bring your wanderlust.
Schedule a Call: Head here to pick a day & time that works for you

Level 1: Q&A Session

During a one-hour Phone call or Zoom session (your choice) we will cover any of the following topics: Around-The-World Travel, Award Travel, Honeymoon Destinations, How to start a travel blog, How to Monetize an existing travel blog, What are the best travel/mileage credit cards on the market right now. When you book your time slot with us, you will have the opportunity to share your situation, what you would like to discuss, and anything else that will make us more prepared to help you during our call.

Price: $150 for one hour of coaching
Schedule a Call
#1) Submit your payment via Venmo here and grab the confirmation code from the Venmo transaction.
#2) Send us an email with a few days & times that work for you, and provide us with some details on your situation and goals for the call.

Level 2: Power Course

A comprehensive overview of all the key elements of planning a long-term trip, managing life on the road, and preparing for your return. We will tailor your Trip Coach Power Course to give you the most relevant and essential information to mobilize and maximize your journey…and most importantly save you thousands of dollars on your trip.

  • Trip Questionnaire to help customize our session to your specific needs and goals.
  • Three-hour Zoom Session discussing essentials of route, budgeting, transportation, overland travel, visas, award travel, lodging, packing, technology, health, safety and more.
  • Travel Cheat Sheet recapping the course’s essential tips, resources, links and action items to help you further mobilize your journey.
  • Email Support for up to one hour, anytime before or during your trip.

Price: $375 for four-hour coaching session, cheat sheet, plus one hour of email support
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Level 3: Master Traveler Course

This multi-session program gives you absolutely everything you will need to know about long-term travel at every step of your trip planning process and an on-going support system and hotline for any issues which arise at home or on the road. The first session teaches you the necessary steps for a smooth departure while the second session prepares you for day-to-day life on the road.

  • Trip Questionnaire to help tailor planning session to your specific needs and trip goals.
  • Session 1: 3-Hour Zoom workshop, taking into consideration your concerns, dream destinations, and budget. We share our knowledge on custom routing, pre-trip budgeting, credit and debit cards, mileage programs, travel insurance, vaccinations, visas, lining up free lodging, amongst other topics that benefit from advanced planning.
  • Resources and checklist to solidify your new knowledge, mobilize action-items, and prepare for your final session.
  • Session 2: 3-Hour Zoom workshop tackling any new questions or concerns, followed by an in-depth course about on-the-road budgeting, lodging, packing, tech essentials, safety, communication, photography, blogging, volunteering, and more road warrior wisdom.
  • Trip Coach Handbook recapping the full Master Traveler course and many more tips, tricks, resources, and custom itinerary suggestions for future reference at home and on the road.
  • Email Support for up to one hour anytime before or during your trip.
  • Help Line if you ever need someone to talk to you about your travel concerns.

Price: $650 for seven hours of coaching, two hours of email & phone support, plus a printed Trip Coach Handbook.
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Have questions about any of our Trip Coach Courses? Give us a call, any day of the week from 9am-9pm PST, (888) 852-9383, or chat with us using the widget to the right.


Frequent Flyer Bootcamp = Free Flights For Life

How to fly around the world, and stay in 5-star hotels for virtually nothing, using the miles and points you will earn after taking this course. Since 2012 we have taken 142 free flights, saving us $31,688, using frequent flier miles (here is a spreadsheet with every flight we’ve taken, breaking out the miles, the fees and cash that we spent for every single flight). In this boot camp we WILL teach you how to employ the same techniques (which go well well beyond simple credit card bonuses that everyone knows about), whether you are embarking on a trip around the world, or simply looking to reduce your annual flight expenditures.
The three-hour Zoom session will include:

  • How to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles without taking flights
  • Copies of the same spreadsheets we use to track our accounts efficiently and safely
  • How to literally duplicate the miles and points you earn on each credit card
  • Understanding Manufactured Spending and Category Spending, and how to maximize both
  • Best Tips & Tricks for booking mileage tickets, for maximum value and flexibility
  • How to recognize and avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks of Award Travel
  • Every student receives a custom handbook with checklists, excel sheets, goal sheets, best mileage offers available today, and a ton more.

Guarantee: We put a 100% money-back guarantee on our award travel course. We are so extremely confident that you will earn at least two free flights in the first year using our tips and strategies, that if you do not we will refund your entire course fee…no questions asked
Price: $350 for the three-hour Trip Coaching session, custom handbook, and one hour of email support.

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Housesitting Bootcamp = Free Lodging For Life

How to score free lodging, from countryside villas to beach houses around the world, using the knowledge from this course. Since 2014 we have stayed in fabulous homes in over a dozen countries, with all expenses paid (often including a car, housekeeper, gardener, and more perks), saving us thousands of dollars and leading to invaluable experiences. In this boot camp we will teach you how to employ the same techniques, whether you are looking for a unique way to vacation or slash your monthly expenses.
The three-hour Zoom session will include:

  • Why and How Housesitting is so special
  • What are the pros and cons of each website
  • How to build your profile
  • How to shoot a housesitting video
  • How to write an introduction letter that will dramatically increase your success rate
  • What to ask (and not ask) on your initial interview
  • What do confirm with the homeowners before your housesit
  • Three things we do at the beginning of EVERY housesit that lead to great reviews and a stellar rating on our profile
  • Tips on turning a little bit of responsibility into an epic vacation.

Price: $299 for the two-hour housesitting workshop, and one hour of follow-up email support.

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Land Paid Travel Campaigns

How to land paid campaigns with travel brands & destinations. Three-hour one-on-one (nothing pre-recorded) Zoom course on:

  • How to set up your social media to get noticed by brands
  • How to leverage editorial partners to land brand deals
  • Finding the right contacts at the right companies with budget
  • Knowing your value and what you can charge
  • Buiding the best work with us page
  • How proper campaign reporting will earn you new clients
  • Reviewing and elevating your media kit
  • How to build a top-notch case study
  • Which travel conference is worth going to
  • The art of the proposal that lands deals, we will share our exact proposals and what we charge for what deliverables

Price: $350 for a three-hour coaching session, resource sheet. Keeping a profressional and compelling blog got us a National Geographic book deal.
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RV & VanLife Bootcamp

We have been RVing full time since 2017, traveling 82,000+ miles around North America and discovering the continent’s most exceptional places—for under $30/day ALL IN (gas + lodging + repairs + insurance + internet + food + wine)! We have learned so much along the way—from renovating a camper (interior, solar, batteries, electrical, plumbing, carpentry) to maintaining your camper on the go. To travel long-term, we understand affordability is key, so in this course, we share tons of tips on where to find a reliable rig, how to keep daily expenses down, find free places to stay in every state, get gas cheaper….and about 20 other money-saving tips. We’ve also successfully run our online business from the road and can show you how to make the smooth transition to becoming a digital nomad and the ways to sustain this lifestyle. We are known for our ability to travel on a budget while living large, and have given dozens of talks at travel conference, podcasts, and more to help 1,000s of road trippers and potential nomads take the leap to RV Life. This three-hour Zoom session will include:

  • Picking your rig; pros & cons of different styles and sizes
  • Understanding RV systems (power, sewer, water, propane, etc)
  • How to be an on-the-fly mechanic
  • How to make your RV/Campervan off-grid ready with tips for solar and making resources last
  • How we find free and epic campsites in EVERY state!
  • How to connect with the RV community for immersive experiences and lasting friendships
  • How we handle internet and connectivity on the road and remote areas
  • How we stay safe and healthy
  • How to handle insurance for your RV and yourself
  • How we keep our budget under $30 per day
  • Essential road trip apps and resources

Price: $350 for a three-hour personalized coaching session, resource sheet, plus an hour of email support.
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Honeymoon Planning

If you’re the kind of couple that’s too savvy for a travel agent but a little too busy to sift through the thousands of random TripAdvisor reviews, you need fellow newlyweds who can tell you the best places to honeymoon—from first-hand experience. No matter your interests, time frame, or budget, we know the perfect honeymoon destination for you and how to maximize this once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

  • Questionnaire to match your interests to the ideal destinations
  • Intel on best destinations, hotels, activities, and more
  • Money-saving tips so you can splurge where it counts
  • How to get mileage tickets for two free flights anywhere in the world
  • Packing, tech, and photography advice
  • Custom travel itineraries outlining your unforgettable honeymoon
  • Email support for up to one hour, anytime during your honeymoon planning process.

Price: $275 for a one-hour face-to-face Zoom session, including a customized honeymoon itinerary, and email support. Check out some of honeymoon-worthy destinations
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Have questions about any of our Trip Coach Courses or Boot Camps? Give us a call, any day of the week from 9am-9pm PST, (888) 852-9383, or chat with us using the widget to the right.


–John G., Trip Coach Master Course graduate

–Jared & Rikki, Trip Coach Power Course graduate
Kerri Chris Trip Coach
Lisa & Sean Trip Coach Course

“It was amazing to have someone to talk to that’s been through this situation and can understand and advise on the various obstacles of RTW travel. Anne & Mike are personable and professional and have tons of great advice to give. At first we thought three hours would be too much time, then when we started listing our questions we had a lot of ground to cover. We also so happy to have a lifeline to turn to when we are on the road and get more personalized recommendations and feedback.”
–Kerry & Chris, Trip Coach Power Course graduates.
(Check out their trip blog: Passport Penguin!)

“As soon as our first session was done, we both looked at each other and say “Phew, thank God for them! How would we do it without them as our travel coach?!” They are so easy to talk to and make it very easy to ask questions. They shed light on things we didn’t even think about and although it is nerve-wracking – it’s what we needed to hear. They gave us the tools, the knowledge and the confidence that we needed to know that our dream was most definitely becoming a reality. The advice they give is unparalleled and more importantly, the support and encouragement they give is priceless. We truly believe that they believe in us and, in a world where this journey is not “normal,” having people support you is crucial. There are not enough words to begin to express our gratitude towards Mike and Anne but one thing is FOR SURE…if you have a calling to travel the world, look no further. HoneyTrek Trip Coach is your ticket to living a life you can look back on and be so proud about.”
–Lisa & Sean, Trip Coach Master Course graduate

Hai-Phung Trip Coach Client

“I met Mike and Anne at a really pivotal juncture in my life. I had made the decision to quit my job and move from NYC to take a career break a few months prior, but was experiencing a lot of doubt and anxiety around the decision and how to make it all really happen. Not only did they quell my doubt and anxiety about taking big solo trip, but they presented a very clear pathway of how it all can materialize. The session was packed full of great information related to planning, budgeting, tips and tricks, and tons of resources that I am still culling through. I will reference this new knowledge during my own career break over the next 6-12 months, and anytime I travel in the future. I strongly recommend anyone who is entertaining the idea of a career break or long term travel (or even a short trip could be made more meaningful with their advice) to connect with Mike and Anne – it will change your life forever!”
–Hai Phung, Power Course graduate


“My husband surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a Trip Coach Zoom session, and I’ve got to say, it definitely beat chocolate and flowers!!! Mike and Anne gave us incredibly helpful tips for accumulating airline miles fast, making extra money before our trip, putting together a packing list, route, and much more. They told us things I wouldn’t have even thought of in a million years! Our session with them will easily pay for itself on our trip and even more importantly has given me the piece of mind to move forward with our year abroad. Thank you so much Mike and Anne!”
–Alex & Jim, Trip Coach graduate

1-katy mike

“Mike and Anne offered us invaluable information and insight that helped guide our planning from start to finish. With their help we streamlined our packing list and were able to downsize our luggage to just a 40 liter backpack each for our round the world trip. They also helped us earn over 60,000 miles to use on our flights! They had great advice on which electronics to bring (and which to ditch), budgeting on the road and safety. We are super excited to visit their specific off-the-beaten-path recommendations in Turkey and Indonesia. Our Trip Coach course with Mike and Anne not only helped us be more prepared, but got us unbelievably excited for our upcoming adventure!”
–Katy & Mike, Q&A Zoom Session


“Mike and Anne gave me so much inspiration and detailed trip planning ideas and support. Even though I only had two weeks before my departure, their input was invaluable and gave me some much needed confidence in the areas I was concerned about. If anyone is thinking of taking a long trip you should definitely reach out to them!
–John, Trip Coach Master Course graduate


“Getting on the phone with Anne and Mike and talking through what we were looking for in a honeymoon…that helped me define our approach to the entire trip! From their hotel and activity recommendations to mileage tips, they have experienced it all first-hand so having their input is very valuable.”
–Matt & Jacqui, Honeymoon Planning Boot Camp

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 888-852-9383, email us at

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