Forever Change How You Travel With These 5 Tips
“You don’t have to become a full-time nomad to benefit from the couple’s wisdom. Here are five travel hacks they’ve perfected that anyone can use.”
– Read Feature in The Washington Post
They are on a five-year honeymoon for just $24 a day
“So they sold most of their possessions, rented their house, and decided to embark on a five-year journey to 50 countries”
– Read Feature in CNN Greece
The Mirror HoneyTrek Couple enjoying the ‘World’s Longest Honeymoon’ after quitting jobs to travel world for five years
“The couple are back in the US for the month of December, and staying in Belfast, Maine until Christmas, where they are housesitting for friends and looking after their cat, named Bum Raisin.”
– Read Feature in The Mirror
Couple on a five-year honeymoon reveals how they travel the world living on £10 a day each
“When times get tough, or it’s too cold outside, or you’ve just been broken up with, it’s not uncommon to fantasize about packing it all in for a better life travelling the world…But one couple, Mike and Anne Howard from New York, decided to actually go through with it five years ago, and they’ve never looked back.”
– Read Feature in Cosmopolitan
The longest honeymoon in the world: couple has been traveling for five years
“On their blog you can find useful information and advice for all couples who wish to pursue their own adventure without spending astronomical sums.”
– Watch the Feature on, Italy’s second largest newwspaper
martha stewart weddings HoneyTrek 15 Travel Tips from the Couple That’s on the World’s Longest Honeymoon
“Mike and Anne Howard began their honeymoon in January 2012—and have been traveling the world ever since…Who better to share their insight about how to have an unforgettable honeymoon?”
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Huffington Travel Blog The World’s Longest Honeymoon Reaches 7 Continents
“Mike and Anne Howard have been on the “World’s Longest Honeymoon,” traveling over four years to 40+ countries. And they aren’t done yet. They just explored their seventh continent, which not only makes their honeymoon the greatest in length, but also in breadth.”
– Read Feature in Huffington Post, “The most powerful blog in the world”
1-CondeNast Condé Nast Travel Share: Q&A with Mike and Anne Howard of HoneyTrek
“Their travels sound incredible, but what we really admire is this: Even after more than 365 days on the road, a night spent surrounded by mice in a mud hut en route to Zanzibar, and one instance of credit card theft, the duo still love—even like!—each other. That’s the real deal.”
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Brides HoneyTrek Is an Extended Honeymoon Right for You?
“Here are some expert-approved questions to ask yourself (and your fiancé) before booking those round-the-world flights, from HoneyTrek Trip Coach founders Anne and Mike Howard, who help travelers plan lengthy vacations (they went on a 675-day honeymoon themselves!).”
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HoneyTrek Australia Q&A With HoneyTrek’s Mike & Anne Howard
“For Mike and Anne Howard, the honeymoon period won’t be over anytime soon. Now nesting in Killington, Vermont, the Howards are keeping their romance with long-term travel alive through their trip coaching business…”
– Read Feature on, “Australia’s No.1 news site”
Mail Online Honeymoons The World’s Longest Honeymoon
“This couple did what we all dream of; escaping the 9-5 and traveling the world, each day more adventure-filled than the next.”
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Johnny Jet Logo Travel Style: Mike & Anne Howard
“Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without.”
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HoneyTrek Press A Couple’s 675-Day Honeymoon Across The World
“The average length of a honeymoon is eight days, but Mike and Anne Howard aren’t your average couple…”
– Read The CBS Feature (ran in 24 major US cities)
los-angeles-times-logo Epic honeymoon: 650 days. 28 countries. And now, 8 questions
“Mike and Anne Howard married in 2011 and left New York to begin their honeymoon in January 2012. No big deal, right? Except that more than 600 days and 28 countries later, the honeymoon continues…they hire themselves out as a “Trip Coach” team to others considering round-the-world trips.”
– Read LA Times Feature
Huffington Travel Blog Featured Blogger: HoneyTrek
“For on-the-ground advice to discovering and navigating to-die-for places, be sure to sign up for their newsletter at Currently their blog is steeped with wild tales of their travels through South America, Africa, and Asia but stay tuned as they journey to Oceania and Europe.”
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Travel With Bender Logo Living The Dream: When Air Miles Pay For Your Dreams
“Mike and Anne run a very successful blog. They have been traveling continuously since 2011 and have made travel a well paying career and a moment for Living The Dream. Take a look into how they make it happen.”
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LCTV Logo HoneyTrek in the Honeymoon Capital of the World
“I want to sign up right now. Your travels are is just amazing. I’m sure people will flock to follow your site and enjoy all the fun and exciting things you do.”
– Watch live interview on LCTV, New York TV station
VG norway honeymoon 675 days on honeymoon!
“Mike and Anne Howard have probably been on the world’s longest honeymoon. Lights and dog sledding in Norway are among the couple’s absolute highlights. Most people associate a honeymoon with an exotic land with palm trees and high SPF. For Americans Mike & Anne Howard however, a honeymoon is two years traveling around the world.”
– Read Feature on (print version) “Daily readership of 631,000”
Mail Online Honeymoons Newlyweds Spend TWO YEARS Visiting Six continents, 33 countries and 302 Different Places (and yes, they’re still together)
“The couple say their trip of a lifetime has completely changed their outlook on life – and led them to start their business, HoneyTrek Trip Coach, hoping to inspire others to make the most of their freedom and help them to take gap years, sabbaticals and extended honeymoons.”
– Read Feature in Daily Mail & Mail Online, “The most visited newspaper website in the world”
Rudy Maxa HoneyTrek Rudy Maxa Radio Interview
“…but this is even better: They’ll help you plan a long getaway, too. Start with their very polished website called It’s got lots of reports and pictures from their trips. Some of their postings even include the email addresses of people who were exceptionally kind or inclusive during their long journey. For reasonable fees, the couple will coach you by Skype on how to plan a long, long trip and how to start a travel blog that might earn you some major perks.”
– Listen to the Interview on Rudy Maxa’s World, “America’s #1 travel radio show”
Elite Daily Honeymoon Couple Goes On Ultimate Honeymoon, Visiting 33 Countries In Just Under 2 Years
“The couple took 226,152 photographs, 110 hikes, 105 buses, 41 safaris and 39 scuba dives. And you thought your trip to Miami was baller? Try again.”
Honeymoon in India This Couple Took the World’s Longest Honeymoon
“Anne and Mike Howard gifted themselves a suitcase full of adventures and romance – an epic honeymoon that lasted two years. The newlyweds quit their jobs, rented out their apartment and packed their bags for a trip around the world, with no itinerary to follow. Undeterred by the odds, they turned all the travel do-nots to dos.”
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1-AlmostFearless Travel Blogs Worth Reading: 2013 Edition
“From newbies like Roads and Kingdoms, which is written by NY Times and Time Magazine writers to Mozzarella Mama by an Associated Press journalist in Italy to Honey Trek, who seemingly came out of no where and are writing these epic posts like this one of them hiking the Annapurnas — it just seems like the field is filled with really professional and inspiring blogs…HoneyTrek is probably the best round-the-world travelogue style blog I’ve seen–ever!”
– Read Almost Fearless Feature
El Comercio Honeymoon Esta pareja de recién casados recorrió el mundo en 675 días
“La luna de miel es uno de los viajes más especiales que se pueden hacer en pareja no solo para disfrutar de la buena compañía sino para vivir sus primeras experiencias como marido y mujer.”
– Read Feature in El Comercio, “The oldest newspaper in Peru” (Translated Version Here)
Jetset extra honeymoon The Longest Honeymoon Ever
“Many people associate honeymoon with a holiday, preferably in an exotic land with palm trees and a high SPF. For Americans Anne and Mike Howard, however, their honeymoon is synonymous with two years traveling around the world. Northern Lights and dog sledding in Norway are among the couple’s absolute highlights.”
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Mighty Travels Blogger Interview: Mike & Anne Howard of HoneyTrek
“Read today’s interview featuring Mike & Anne from – two newlyweds who have mastered the art of traveling around the world for $15k.”
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Saudia Arabia Honeymoon Saudi Arabia Gazette article about HoneyTrek
“One couple, six continents, 33 countries, 675 days – no kidding!”
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1-IdeaMensch A 500-day honeymoon journey to South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania
“For their honeymoon, newlyweds Anne and Mike Howard decided that one sunny beach wasn’t going to cut it. Their plan is to travel to places too far to go with a desk job, too rugged to do as a retiree, and too good to leave off the bucket list.”
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1-Linea Around the World in 196,452+ Photographs
“Anne and Mike’s stunning photos of African safaris and breathtaking views of Patagonia will have you wanting to pack up your backpack and hit the road.”
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1-TCO 500 Days and Counting: Honeymooning Around the World
“Having logged well over a year’s worth of travel throughout Latin America, Africa and now Asia, Mike and Anne Howard can absolutely claim to be inspirational. Their blog site is filled with astounding photos and videos.”
– Read Travel Curious Often Feature
1-conscious_magazine Newlyweds embark on HoneyTrek to see the world
“A 500-day expedition through the lush jungles, mountain peaks, and turquoise waters of 25 countries. That pretty much sums up what I envision utopia to be. This is the real-life story of two newlyweds, Mike and Anne Howard, who cast off convention and expectations and embarked on journey to see the world. They have captured the sights, sounds, tastes, and discoveries on their blog HoneyTrek.”
1-TravelFashionGirl How to pack for a 500-day honeymoon
“Everyone loved the movie 500 Days of Summer; but what if you could have 500 Days of Honeymoon? Newlyweds Anne and Mike decided to take a round-the-world honeymoon, traveling to 25 countries for over 500 days! Packing for a long term trip isn’t easy but read to find out how Anne managed it and how it differed from your average honeymoon!”
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1-chip_chick Hit Base Camp with these 10 Must-Haves For Women
“Whether on a long hike stateside or abroad, we have a killer list of must-haves for any lady on a trek. Having recently finished Annapurna’s 10 day trek to Base Camp, we compiled a list along with veteran travel blogger and world trekker Anne Howard from Honey Trek.”
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1-coco_kelley Wanderlust with
“Warning: the contents of this blog may cause you to sell your home, quit your job, live out of a suitcase, and leave your daily life with wild abandon.”
– Read Coco + Kelley Feature
1-CapitalCooking With two years of on-the-road experience they’ve decided to launch HoneyTrek Trip Coach
“Two New York newlyweds who thought a two-week honeymoon wasn’t nearly enough to celebrate a new life together. With a little bit of savings, no kids, and good health, they figured there was no better time to travel. So they quit their jobs, rented their apartment, and set out on a 650-day honeymoon around the world.”
– Read Capital Cooking Feature
1-Fullscreen capture 12112013 21751 PM The Travel 10 with Mike & Anne of
“Today sees the very last of my posts in the Travel Ten series. We’ve had some seriously inspiring interviews from bloggers all over the world, and this final one is no different.”
– Read Gotta Keep Movin’ Feature
1-mission_TV KENYA: How to Ride a Matatu [VIDEO]
“Here are their insights into traveling by minibus (Matatu) in Africa, where they traveled overland for 100 days, through South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya, and they didn’t feel unsafe once. Nice!”
– Watch Mission TV Video
1-the_knot The HoneyTrek Winter Wedding in Vermont
“Anne and Mike went with a winter theme—complete with birch logs, wooden skis and horse-drawn sleighs. They settled on a complementary color palette of silver, plum, raspberry and cream.”
– Read The Knot Feature
Mathrubhumi News Honeymoon Mathrubhumi Article about the journey
“Anne and Mike Howard gifted themselves a suitcase full of adventures and romance – an epic honeymoon that lasted two years. The newlyweds quit their jobs, rented out their apartment and packed their bags for a trip around the world, with no itinerary to follow. Undeterred by the odds, they turned all the travel do-nots to dos.”
– Read the Feature in Mathrubhumi, circulation of 1.5 million in India | (english version)

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