What are we doing for our 10th year on honeymoon? We’re going on a quest for the 10 most romantic and sustainable destinations in the world! Places that aren’t just trying to be green, but those who’ve made it their compass. Tourism that actively makes the surrounding environment and communities stronger, all while inspiring their guests to do the same. We know sustainability and romance are the perfect pair and we can’t wait to see where this next chapter takes us! If any countries, regions, hotels, tour operators, or outfitters come to mind, we would LOVE to hear them!

Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

Tetioroa's conservation and tourism efforts
most romantic and sustainable destinations

First up on our year-long quest to find the most romantic and sustainable honeymoon destinations…Tetiaroa, French Polynesia! For centuries, this gorgeous atoll north of Tahiti was a sacred meeting ground for Polynesian royalty. In the 1960s, Marlon Brando came to these coral islets to film Mutiny on the Bounty, fell in love with his leading lady, and made Tetiaroa their home.
They had a dream to use tourism, science, and the local community to preserve the island. Decades later, that has been fulfilled by The Brando Resort & the Tetiaroa Society environmental and cultural nonprofit. The Society’s projects, from green sea turtle conservation to The Blue Climate Initiative (a UN Ocean Decade project), are 70% funded by the resort and furthered by visiting researchers from around the world.
Though sustainability is probably not the main reason Kim Kardashian or Leo DiCaprio stayed here. It’s a private island and one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, with ocean-view villas, personal infinity pools, a lavish spa, gourmet cuisine, and five-star service. And all that decadence is supported by solar power, seawater air conditioning, a permaculture garden, extensive recycling, and French Polynesia‘s first LEED-Platinum construction.

To understand both sides of this gold coin, we spent two days working alongside the researchers at the Tetiaroa Society and two more living the luxe life at The Brando. Both were equally inspiring and the combination took our breath away. Watch this video to see how sexy sustainability can be.

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  1. We are always looking for new romantic spots to visit. Good to know that there are spots like this that also focus on sustainability. Wonderful that the green sea turtle conservation project is well funded by the resorts. I could lose myself in those views of blue water and blue skies. What a beautiful video!

    1. So glad to hear you are also on the hunt for romantic and sustainable destinations…we’ll be sure to surface even more for you this year!

  2. This sounds like a fantastic trip. Not only is the destination dreamy, but it’s also so important that we all travel more consciously and try to treat the planet better–so we can enjoy it for many years to come!

  3. This really looks like a dream destination. Great that they manage to combine sustainability, conservation projects and a luxurious holiday. I bet the food was to die for!

  4. What a dream location! I don’t think I can ever afford to make it to French Polynesia so I’ll enjoy it from your post instead. I love that Tetiaroa is sustainable, it makes me want to visit even more.

    1. It is a dream. Crazy enough our flight from San Francisco to Tahiti was $250 one way! (no one says you have to come home 😉 So don’t rule it out. Even if you don’t get there, it’s so nice knowing that places like Tetiaroa exist–this is how travel should be!

  5. I’m always looking for romantic destinations…it’s the reason I travel! I also love slow travel. I’d much rather relax and really get to know the destination well over time. And oh those views on Tetiaroa…I could be there forever!

    1. Renee, we fully agree with your slow travel comment. The world is too big to see it all, just be where you are and see it well. And I could stare at that turquoise water all day 😉

  6. It’s wonderful to see luxury and sustainability effectively combined. I worry sometimes that our luxury travelers sometimes overlook the importance of taking care of the world around them. Through The Brando Resort & the Tetiaroa Society, it proves it can–and should–be achieved. And if it can be done at an upscale, beautiful destination like French Polynesia, it can be done anywhere.

  7. Your photographs are stunning, and they made me appreciate this place so much more. I admire the effort that has gone into keeping Tetiaroa so pristine. Those gorgeous skies, green scenery, and blueish green waters have already won me over. what a romantic destination, and I hope to visit one day!!!

    1. Yay! The magic of Tetiaroa will honestly stay with us forever and we hope you get to experience it one day too!

  8. Tetiaroa looks like a magical destination for honeymooners and romantics! It is impressive that the conservation efforts are largely funded by the resort. I am always looking for places like this that use renewable energy. Those photos look awesome! 🙂

    1. As a truly desert island with few natural resources, it’s amazing that Tetiaroa of all places is so darn self-sufficient. A great example to all! So glad you appreciated it too!

  9. Wow! This is paradise and amazing how they had made it so sustainable. I would love to learn more about their seawater air conditioning and their recycling programs. We can definitely learn a lot from them.

    1. The Brando’s Green Tour blew our minds. They were recycling in ways we never knew were possible.

  10. It is interesting how they seamlessly they have managed to merge sustainability with comfort. In a lot of ways, it is a realization for most travelers who take luxury for granted. As a destination, I would love to visit French Polynesia – I hope I can enjoy its pristine beauty with this place someday!

    1. And mixing those two is not easy to do. It was a very mindful effort to design for maximum sustainability and still feel super luxe and The Brando nailed it! Hope you can make it there someday too!

  11. Wow I hadn’t heard of Tetiaroa but it’s now on my radar. I love any islands that work to protect or regenerate their local environment and marine life like Tetiaroa has with the green sea turtles.

    1. Not everyone in tourism realizes their responsibility to the environment and Tetioroa is setting an incredibly positive example for destinations around the world.

  12. You beat us! Our honeymoon only lasted 8 years. And finding a place like this that marries sexiness and sustainability is the ultimate! You guys ROCK!

  13. Zara Miller says:

    Just did a search for romantic and sustainable destinations and you guys are number #1 on Google Search, congrats. Thanks for doing this project, looking forward to the next destination you visit!

    1. Oh wow, how cool. Yeah we wanted to do this project to show people that romantic trips can also be sustainable. Thanks for your support…next destination up is Slovenia, make sure you tune into our social media @HoneyTrek http://www.Instagram.com/HoneyTrek

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