We’re Mike and Anne Howard, two Americans that realized life is short, the world is big, and the value of travel too great to wait another day. So when it came time for our honeymoon, we decided to sell our stuff and embark on a trip around the world. We left on January 22, 2012, and are on “The World’s Longest Honeymoon….11 years and counting!”

Using Anne’s background as a magazine editor and Mike’s as a digital media strategist and photographer, we started our couples travel blog to share our seven-continent journey and inspire more people to follow their far-flung dreams. HoneyTrek has grown to be a leading travel blog with over 375,000 followers and has received acclaim from hundreds of media outlets—from USA Today to Lonely Planet. National Geographic even took notice of our crazy journey and asked us to write their first book on couples’ adventure travel, Ultimate Journeys for Two. We’re proud to say it’s a bestseller and published in four languages. To write our newest book and explore our own continent, we bought a vintage RV (aka Buddy the Camper) and set out on a two-year, nine-country, 73,000-mile quest to find the best glamping experiences in North America. The result is Comfortably Wild, an award-winning guidebook and the first ever written on this trending travel style.

By the time our book was finished, Buddy the Camper was a part of the HoneyTrek family. It’s our “homebase on wheels” whenever we are in the US and Buddy patiently waits for us in long-term parking while we are abroad the other 60% of the year. That’s right, no house, no apartment, or even a spare room at our parent’s house, we’re true digital nomads and full-time travelers with insatiable wanderlust.

Travel has been our greatest learning and bonding experience, and we’re excited to share our favorite destinations, experiences, and tips with you!

Read more about Mike Howard (here), Anne Howard (here), and about our HoneyTrek couples travel blog, below.

HoneyTrek Travel Style & Route

As full-time nomads and travel journalists, we are always on the hunt for off-the-track destinations, uncommon adventures, and the human stories that make each place so special. We like to create loose itineraries that leave room for on-the-ground recommendations and unexpected opportunities. That said, some things are worth a little extra planning…volunteer teaching in a tribal village, reviewing a glamping property for our new book, house-sitting a beachfront villa…times when it gives a truly immersive or once-in-a-lifetime experience. Check out our adventures and travel tips for each of the 70+ countries we’ve visited:

South America: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador
Africa: South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya
Asia: Bhutan, Nepal, China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia
Europe: Slovenia, Sweden, Scotland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, and Croatia Bosnia & Herzegovina
North America: Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Belize, Antigua & Barbuda, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Canada, USA, Mexico
Middle East: Israel, Jordan
Antarctica: South Shetlands, The 7th Continent, Drake Passage


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Sometimes other people say it better. See our HoneyTrek features and interviews on Condé Nast Traveler, CBS, The Daily Mail, The Los Angeles Times, and other international media outlets in our Press section.

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Our Glamping Book, Comfortably Wild
Our Nat Geo Book, Ultimate Journeys for TwoUltimate Journeys for Two Signed

Long-Term Travel Coaching

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from nine years on the road and created HoneyTrek Trip Coach: One-on-one workshops for gap years, career breaks, extended honeymoons, and any trip longer than a couple of weeks. We want to help more people take this life-changing leap, immerse themselves in other cultures, and have epic adventures. If you’ve ever dreamt of taking a multi-month journey, check out HoneyTrek.com/TripCoach for more info.

Glamping Consulting & Creative Services

glamping experts

Looking to create an unforgettable glamping experience? Having reviewed over 200 luxury accommodations on our global honeymoon and written the book on the best glamping destinations in North America, we know what it takes. With a unique background as professional photographers, glamping writers, travel influencers, and advisors to the American Glamping Association, HoneyTrek is excited to share our unique skill set with the glamping community. Whether you are looking to get your camp off the ground or your brand the media attention it deserves, we’re here to help.

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Find out how your brand can leverage “The World’s Longest Honeymooners,” their targeted audience of in-market travelers, and decades of editorial and digital marketing experience. Our travel savvy and quality content creation is regularly employed by tourism boards and adventure outfitters to create editorial and marketing campaigns, while our compelling story and charismatic ways have landed us gigs as spokespeople for Microsoft, Nalgene, Go Dominican Republic, and more travel and lifestyle brands. Why do you want to work with a top travel blog? Few couples travel influencers come from such a place of professionalism and authenticity, plus we’re a whole lot of fun. Read our “Work with Us” section.

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