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I’ve stayed in some fancy hotels in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever found one quite so luxurious (or romantic) as the Rockhouse in Negril, Jamaica. Mike and I spent last weekend there, and it wasn’t the full-treatment spa, the award-winning restaurant, or the thousand-thread-count sheets that won us over—those things are standard in the luxury realm. So what makes the Rockhouse the real créme de la créme? Privacy. And I don’t mean the kind that requires a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

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Along the low-lying cliffs of Pristine Cove are 20 thatched-roof villas—all single story, all freestanding. Either perched on the edge or nestled into the cove, each has a private terrace with two Adirondack chairs, the shade of sea grape trees, and a view of the turquoise Caribbean. Mike and I stayed in a studio the first two nights and a premium villa the last two—both complete with a four-poster bed and outdoor shower—only to realize that there is no such thing as a bad room. The upgrade just goes from amazing to unreal.

Round the world travel in jamaica

The staggered landscape always seems to keep neighbors out of sight and makes it feel like the grounds are yours alone. Two-person patios jut out on the ledge or drop down into a cove for secluded sunbathing. Craggy natural rock separates each spot, making encroachment near impossible.

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For couples, it couldn’t be a more amazing place. If you don’t feel like leaving your room for a meal, room service is free of charge. If you don’t feel like being apart at the spa, there is no markup for a side-by-side massage. If you are feeling social, they have happy hour by the pool each sunset.

The setting was actually so romantic, it pushed Mike to propose. Yes, I got engaged at the Rockhouse (and I’m incredibly excited about it) so I may be biased but with their rank as one of Travel + Leisure’s Top 25 Caribbean resorts and Patricia Schultz’s book 1000 Places to See Before You Die, the Rockhouse has more fans than just a smitten bride-to-be.

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  1. Seriously if you go to Jamaica you MUST stay in this resort, it was so amazing. Walk out your balcony, jump in the ocean, climb up your personal ladder to eat lunch, then dry off in the sun. Awesome!

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