New Zealand picnic

Wow!!! That is what we have to say about New Zealand. We road-tripped from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island and had to pick our jaw off the floor of our campervan with every mountain, beach, glacier, volcano, vineyard, colonial town, and geothermal pool. New Zealand has to be one of the prettiest places on the planet, only enhanced by the hospitality and good humor of the Kiwis. As compared to the dozens of developing countries we visited on the HoneyTrek, it was pretty straight-laced, but all the more reason to give them a little razz.

You Know You’re in New Zealand When…

sheep more than people in New Zelaand

– The ratio of sheep to humans is 20:1. Yes, this island nation is home to 20 million sheep and only 3 million people.

Crusaders vs. Highlanders game

– Everyone bleeds All Black

Lord of the Rings landscapes, New Zealand

– You always feel like you’re on the set of The Lord of the Rings…because you are

New Zealand agriculture patrol bust

– Border patrol nearly has a heart-attack when you open our rucksack and show them a few tasty treats you brought over from Asia

Glacier Avalanche sign

– You never know when a landslide, mudslide, glacier-slide or some other death-slide is going to come your way

Wine tasting machine New Zealand

– They are so serious about wine, they have a tasting station at the supermarket

best custom campervan

– Mobile homes are elevated to a new level with mahogany siding, stain glass, fireplaces, and roof decks

Best Picnic Spots New Zealand

– Lunch becomes a daily competition to try and top yesterday’s view.

Nevis bungy platform

– Suddenly jumping out a 439-foot high cable car sounds like a good idea

cheek Kea

– You can’t leave your car unattended for fear this ravenous mountain parrot will break in, eating the rubber window seal for lunch and the upholstery for dessert. Darn you cheeky Keas!

smelly Rotorua

– There is so much geothermal activity that the earth literally bubbles neon colors, while simultaneously burping sulfuric gases out of ancient mud pits


– You may just couchsurf with a scuba-diving lobster fisherman who makes excellent home-brew (P.S. Don’t ask, we need to protect this man’s identity)

New Zealand Fur Seal

– The beaches have more seals than sunbathers

Milford Sound double rainbow

– They make up for a little rain with a endless rainbows

Which is your favorite You Know You’re in New Zealand?

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    1. Us too! (As if you couldn’t tell ;). Which of these YKYAI New Zealands brought you back the most?

    1. That’s awesome to hear…especially since we are thinking of maybe doing an e-book of our You Know You’re Is 🙂 And yes, NZ is paradise!

  1. This is my favorite place on Earth… I’ll do everything I can to go live there one day.. It’s paradise.

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