You know you're in KenyaIn African travel, Kenya has just about everything—savannah, jungles, mountains, beaches, wildlife, tribal people, colonial charm, and enough character to make you fall in love with the country, quirks and all. After spending one unforgettable month here, you know you are in Kenya when

Airport in masai mara, kenya

– Air traffic controllers have to double as game wardens.

Ferris wheel in Kenya

– Ferris wheels are scarier than roller coasters.

Prime minister of Jesus

– Missionaries get a little over zealous.

Matatu Transportation in Kenya

– Mini vans rule the road.

Honking your horn in kenya

– You use your horn so often it looks a fraternity sofa.

Masai Mara, Kenya

– The parks so beautiful National Geographic can’t even do them justice.

Kenya dot com generation

– The Geek Squad’s specialty lies in Commodore 64 and Apple 2c.

Mbuzi coconut grater Kenya

– Your kitchen utensils can be larger than a piece of furniture. (Check that coconut grater!)

Donkeys in Lamu Kenya

– Instead of bumper-to-bumper traffic it’s hoof to hoof on the narrow streets of Lamu.

Kenyan Corruption Case

– Corruption is so common, there is no reason beat around the bush.

Likoni Ferry Kenya

– “Standing room only” suddenly sounds spacious.

Safari vehicle tow truck

– There is such an abundance of safari vehicles the old ones retire as tow trucks.

A Kenyan ladder

– Ladders look more like a Tim Burton creation than a Home Depot purchase.

Loading rice on a truck kenya

– There’s always room for one more bag of rice/bushel of corn/family of four on your truck bed.

African luggage rack

– You prefer a bag on your head to a backpack.

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  1. I need to get caught up in your travels. I knew you would love Mombassa and Kenya. I told you about living there for 5 years as a kid and what an unforgettable experience it was. The people were incredible Such beauty

  2. Maria Falvey says:

    Wonderful collection of images. Love the irony of the lock on the corruption reporting box.

    1. Maria, you are right there, never thought of that. I guess people would be digging in there, removing anything with their name on it. Glad you liked the photos!

  3. Looks like you guys had a really fun time. And yes, I can attest to the fact that ALL fraternity sofa’s look exactly like that steering wheel. It looks like the airbag deployed, they cut it out, and just kept on truckin’. Did you guys ride the Ferris wheel?

    1. LMAO, glad we have a professional fraternity couch sleeper to confirm! that is a great guess on the airbag….and if there was one it was deployed on day 1, as those guys are maniacs. tap and go, dont even get out to check damage 🙂 – i WISH we rode that ferris wheel, we were flying by in a Matatu.

  4. emmanuel kiprono says:

    very kenyan

  5. Marfa girl says:

    okay, so the 4 of us want to go to what you did…..what travel advice do you have for me? ps want to go during the holidays….

  6. Shannon Owor says:

    What a terrific blog! These are all truly what makes Kenya, Kenya! This made me smile as I am married to a Kenyan and am lucky enough to travel here once a year. If only my husband & I had the money and freedom to live as nomadic gypsies until we grew tired of it. If that is even possible. Keep on doing what the two of you do ??❤

  7. The photo of the worn out steering wheel made me laugh out loud.

    1. Oh we were LOLing in that car…and that guy still found a way to hit that horn…he was a maniac. Kenya was such a beautiful and amazing country!

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