HoneyTrek Editorial and Marketing Campaign for Visit Idaho

HoneyTrek Influencer Campaign
After a brief trip through northern Idaho in 2017 and discovering it has the largest contiguous wilderness area in the Lower 48, a mountain range with 40 peaks over 10,000 feet, and the deepest river gorge in North America…we knew this highly underrated state deserved some deeper exploration. Trying to redirect the spotlight from its famous potatoes to its bounty of geological wonders, we embarked on 1,500-mile road trip and month-long editorial and marketing campaign for Visit Idaho. Our love for Idaho reached over a quarter million people and prompted 25,111 inquisitive and adoring reactions for the Gem State.

Here’s a sampling of the 65+ pieces of content we created for Visit Idaho.

Blog on HoneyTrek.com

HoneyTrek Blog on Idaho“Open the gate; just don’t let the cows out,” said the note on our back-country camping app. We shut it behind us and inched down the dirt road, hoping the heifers would clear a path. “Could this really be the way?” I said to Mike. We rounded the bend to find a river flowing around a rippled mountain with dashes of red and purple appeared with a perfectly level “campsite”. It was one of the prettiest we’d seen in our 500+ days of RV-ing…and not a soul in sight. This was the theme of Idaho: beauty under the radar…READ MORE in our 1,900-word blog on the must-see adventures from the Teton Valley to the Craters of the Moon

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YouTube Video: River Rafting the Salmon Middle Fork, Idaho

What’s it like to paddle 100 miles down the legendary Middle Fork of the Salmon River? With this video give adventure enthusiasts a taste of this six-day adventure, paddling down class IV rapids, camping on pristine beaches, soaking in natural hot springs, finding relics from the 19th-century gold miners to the ancient Sheepeater tribe, and experiencing the serenity of the largest contiguous wilderness area in the lower 48.

Instagram Stories

HoneyTrek Idaho Instagram Stories
Going above and beyond our deliverable of 50 Instagram Stories, we created 90 pieces of multi-media content on the platform. Video and photography adorned with stylized captions, animated graphics, and drawings prompted 63,991 views and interactions.
See our IG Stories Highlights, here.

Blogs for VisitIdaho.org

Visit Idaho Blog HoneyTrekVisit Idaho asked us to write two blogs to bring a new influencer authority and style to their tourism site. For our first post, we shared our seven must-see stops for mountain lovers and rock hounds, and they are going to use our “Idaho’s Wild Rivers & Hot Springs” post to drum up some excitement for the 2019 summer season.

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