We had amazing penguin encounters throughout our whole Antarctica expedition, but this was by far the most up close and personal. After months of continuous feeding by the mamas, the chubby adolescents are left to fend for themselves. A little hangry about the situation, they go on squawking, chasing each other for scraps, and approaching visitors for any love at all. We squatted down for some eye-level observation and were completely surrounded, one even came in for a nibble on Mike’s camera!

Watch the video above and read about this wild day with penguin, whale, and seal encounters in the South Shetlands, Antarctica.


  1. It seems like penguins are curious animals. And that penguin who comes near the camera must be interested in being your model! Fun video! Cheers!

  2. OMG! this article is superb! Really enjoyed your insights on Antarctic.

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