Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords - 2With 15,000 miles of coastline and 1,190 fjords, Norway’s coastline is said to offer the most beautiful sea voyage in the world … and we’ll back them up on that. Beginning our journey from Bergen, we passed medieval cities to timeless fishing villages, glaciated mountains to wildlife-rich archipelagos. Making over a dozen stops on our seven days north to the Russian border, we explored by hiking, dog-sledding, zodiac cruising, and of course the classic Norwegian cruise liner, the Hurtigruten. This trip would be stunning any time of year, though late fall hits the sweet spot for sunny days and electrified nights, swirling with the Aurora Borealis.

Arctic cruising is about the element of surprise, and every expedition is a little different. For a taste of what’s to come, here are our top adventures and must-see stops in the Norwegian fjords…


Chase the Auroras

Norwegian Fjords --5Sailing north and away from the cities, the solar winds grow stronger and create a northern lights spectacular. Your captain will announce when the Auroras are strongest, though to maximize your sightings, spend a couple hours each night on deck with some cocoa or soaking in the outdoor hot tub.


Same Route, New Scenery

Hurtigruten Northern Lights CruiseWhen you begin your journey back south, you may be traveling along the same route, but the scenery will be brand-new. Your savvy captain will ensure most of the destinations you missed during nights heading north will be revealed during your days sailing south.

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