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Uniquely blending the crypto, art, and fashion worlds, our friends at Wearable NFT Art invited us to collaborate with their resident artist to interpret the HoneyTrek story into three unique pieces of digital art, with a matching product line. We brainstormed, sketched, and dreamt up these artworks with the ever-talented artist Santi Soulas and feel they truly speak to our 3,500-day journey and what we love about travel. Plus, these designs are so much more than what you see, they are part of a larger crypto story that is opening up creative and financial opportunities for people around the world. We are so proud and thrilled to present, The HoneyTrek NFT Art & Gear Collection.

HoneyTrek NFT Gear

While the 30 NFTs are almost sold out (thank you, art collectors!), we are so excited that these designs will be available to everyone as travel gear. We’ve thought about creating HoneyTrek swag for years, but didn’t want to just slap a logo on a t-shirt. We wanted something that told the story of our crazy honeymoon, the beauty of travel, what the road has taught us, and why we keep coming back for more. That was a tall order, but working with the artist Santi, we now have three designs that do exactly that—and they look freakin’ awesome! Each design was modified to fit beautifully on a tote, t-shirt, and tumbler, and given a QR code that scans through to the original art on the blockchain…unifying this mashup of crypto and fashion. Mad props to our partners Wearable NFT Art for being one of the first start-ups to bring IRL gear to this digital craze.

NFTs are a bold new sector of the art world, bringing new creative and financial opportunities to people around the globe, and NFT gear makes that even more accessible. By rocking the HoneyTrek Collection, you’re supporting the content creators behind it and look cool doing it. Inspired by our decade-long journey around the world and meticulously crafted by an emerging artist, this swag is pretty darn special. To keep it that way, our line of totes, tumblers, and t-shirts is only available for a limited time. Check out this gallery (above) and grab yourself a piece of limited-edition travel swag: https://buy.wearablenftart.com/honey-trek-holiday-sale/
Want to learn more about how we got into NFT art and our inspiration behind each piece? Watch our video below. And if you have any questions or feedback—we’d love to hear from you! This has been a bold new project for us…thanks for your support!

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