Nalgene CampaignAs travelers who’ve been using Nalgene products for over two decades and are proud to have given up single-use water bottles (eight years strong!), Mike and Anne Howard of HoneyTrek are natural brand ambassadors for Nalgene. Since February 2012, HoneyTrek has promoted the importance of reducing single-use plastics and the need for reusable water bottles. Whether featuring Nalgene in their guidebooks for National Geographic, interviews for the Associated Press, or their own social media channels (320,000+ followers), HoneyTrek has consistently used their platforms to amplify this environmental message and their love for the iconic brand. Nalgene took notice and reached out to partner in May of 2019. With the success of HoneyTrek’s summer campaign (140,961 reached), the Howards social media skills were commissioned for the #NalgeneCustom product launch, followed by a Q1 campaign to promote the company’s new year initiatives and successes.

Below is a sampling of the content HoneyTrek has produced for Nalgene, tallying over 842,000 impressions and 71,000 interactions.

Books & Book Tour

Writing National Geographic’s first book on couples adventure travel and the first guide to glamping in North America, the Howards are leading travel writers. In both of their books, they created packing lists, culled down to the true essentials and Nalgene bottles were highlighted in each print edition. Both books have global distribution, while Ultimate Journeys for Two is printed in four languages and has sold over 40,000 copies.

Ultimate Journeys for Two, a Bestselling National Geographic Book

Nalgene in National Geographic Book

Comfortably Wild, the first book on Glamping in North America, published by Falcon Guides

Nalgene Glamping

Speaking Engagements

nalgene influencersWhen it came time for book tours and speaking gigs, the Howards’ Nalgenes were always with them at the podium. Whether directly talking about the importance of reusable water bottles or keeping them hydrated on stage, Nalgene joined them in the spotlight.

Podcasts & Live Interviews

National Geographic Travel’s Facebook Live for World Water Day

HoneyTrek on Nat Geo TravelerHaving traveled to 60+ countries without using a single-use water bottle, the Howards have built a name for themselves in the green travel sector. For World Water Day 2019, National Geographic Travel asked the Howards to share their tips on their Facebook Page with 5 million followers. This half-hour FB Live had 11,000 views with 445 interactions, including dozens of audience members taking a pledge to give up single-use water bottles!

Associated Press Podcast

AP Podcast Gift Guide
When the Associated Press’s Travel Podcast, Get Outta Here, was looking for a gear expert for their annual holiday gift guide, they called HoneyTrek. In a half-hour segment, they were asked to go in-depth about a handful of their favorite and most thoughtful products; Nalgene’s custom bottles were at the top of the list. Singing its praises, Anne said “Our Nalgene is the one item, besides our car keys, we have with us at all times. We all own water bottles but Nalgene just launched their customizer, allowing you to upload our own photos and add graphics so it will actually mean something and help tell your story.” This podcast and accompanying article was also syndicated to dozens of media outlets.

Social Media

With Nalgene bottles traveling with the Howards wherever they go (including Alaska, Utah, Baja, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe since the partnership kickoff), HoneyTrek was able to naturally incorporate Nalgene into their social media storytelling. Plus, concerted efforts were made to highlight Nalgene’s latest products (Custom and Elements) and their bottles enduring benefits (durable, lightweight, easy to clean, BPA-free, and more). Here is a sampling of the 80+ HoneyTrek social media posts illustrating the many uses and wonders of Nalgene products.

Pinterest Board: Adventures with Nalgene

Instagram Stories: 40+ animated photos and videos with interactive elements

HoneyTrek Instagram StoriesTo watch all the Instagram Stories, view HoneyTrek’s Nalgene Love highlight reel.

HoneyTrek Blogs

HoneyTrek Year In ReviewTo show their pride as a Nalgene partner, HoneyTrek included this brand collaboration as a highlight of their year!

Best Travel GiftsNalgene custom bottles made top billing in HoneyTrek’s 2019 gift guide. Using their own personalized bottles as an example, they touted the easy-to-use design tool and product quality to encourage their audience to make some for the people they love.


At the inception of this partnership, HoneyTrek announced their excitement for this collaboration with a dedicated section in their July newsletter(left). For their holiday season dispatch(right), HoneyTrek featured one “Gear Pick” and they naturally chose personalized Nalgenes as a great gift idea.

Nalgene Newsletter

Nalgene Instagram Takeover

Nalgene Instagram Takeover by HoneyTrekOn 7/31/19, Nalgene invited HoneyTrek to share their story and how Nalgene products have helped them give up single-use plastics. In a five-slide Instagram Stories takeover, HoneyTrek used examples from their world travels and gave tips on how people can also do their part.

Nalgene CustomWith a balance of hard work and effortless passion, HoneyTrek created an editorial and marketing campaign that engaged their audience and caught the eye of other travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyday adventurers. This success was aided by the fact that Nalgene is made of great products and great people!

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