Medellín: A Christmas Feast For All Your Senses!

Photo by Aim to Discover
Photo by: Aim to Discover
Medellín, Colombia is one of the most up-and-coming cities in South America. It admittedly has a history of drugs and crime, but today Medellín is stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight. The Christmas season is when Medellín shines brightest, with National Geographic listing it as one of “Top ten places to see holiday lights.” Check out our handy winter guide and follow your senses to the best of Medellín.



Photo by Medellin Travel
Photo by: Medellin Travel
Feast your eyes on the beauty of the El Alumbrado, a Christmas lights display and numerous cultural events spread across 100 locations around the city, with Medellín River as the premier locale. Almost four million visitors attend annually from December-January!



Photo by: Juan Camilo Bedoya Vargas

While you can find your share of Christmas carols this time of year, these highly respected venues will be showcasing Medellín’s wide range of genres and most talented artists no matter when you arrive.

Palacio de Bellas Artes
Enjoy the spectacular theater, concerts, and recitals in Palacio de Bellas Artes. The talent changes on a regular basis, so there’s always an interesting act on the schedule.

El Blue
If you want to hear some solid live rock music in Medellín, you should check out this happening bar. In the heart of the Parque Lleras nightlife district, El Blue has a fantastic outdoor patio to sit and soak up the tunes and this lively part of town.



Photo by Carmen Restaurant
Photo by: Carmen Restaurant
No trip is complete without sampling the local cuisine and, in Colombia…you are in for a treat! Indulge your taste buds with these highly rated restaurants.

Run by an American-Colombian couple, this inviting restaurant fuses the flavors of the two countries. Beautifully furnished and with a hip vibe, Carmen hits the mark for a special night out.

In Situ
In a lush garden setting, In Situ is perfect for a relaxing evening. They have a sumptuous menu, offering dishes like pesto-stuffed chicken and smoked pork.

Café Zorba
This the go-to spot for Western comfort food. In addition to their famous pizza, try their wide menu of pastries and smoothies.



Photo by Medellin Travel
Photo by: Medellin Travel
Colombia is a definite hotspot in the salsa scene. Medellín is filled with dance studios teaching the art of salsa and other dances that let you feel the Latin groove. Check out these studios to burn off some of those calories enjoyed at Carmen or In Situ!

Casa Gardeliana
One of the go-to place for locals and foreigners to learn salsa and tango. Visitors can watch dances or sign up for group or personal classes.

El Tibiri
Many clubs in the city are packed, but thankfully there are lots of fun chill options like El Tibiri. Located in the basement of La 70, this laidback club offers excellent music, dancing, and drinks for a deal.

Have you been to Medellín? What are your favorite spots?

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