Steenberg vineyards and wine cellar, South Africa Cape Town

Spanning a distance of 850km, Route 62 is said to be the longest wine route in the world, stretching from Cape Town, Constantia, to Port Elizabeth. Seeing that we were already heading that direction to get to the Garden Route, we decided that visiting the wineries along the way was a necessary evil (touch of sarcasm). The green mountains, rolling vineyards, charming towns, and some of the world’s best wine made this drive a true highlight in our South African adventures.

Steenberg hotel and vineyard in the Constantia, Cape Town

To help us mentally prepare for the journey ahead we spent three wonderful days at the historic Steenberg hotel and vineyard in the Constantia region. Built in the Cape Dutch style in 1682, Steenberg was originally a farm during Cape Town’s ship refueling station days and has gone on to be one of the most prized vineyards in the area.

Tapas at Bistro Sixteen82 Steenberg, South Africa Cape Town

At the top of the Steenberg vineyard is where the wine is made and enjoyed. We took a private tour though the cellars then were treated to a wine tasting and ridiculously good tapas at Bistro Sixteen82. Everything about this place was cool—this giant grape-inspired chandelier included.

Graham Beck Steenberg Hotel champagne bar Gorgeous

Wine legend Graham Beck actually bought Steenberg Hotel recently and his latest addition to the property is the champagne bar Gorgeous. We’d never done a champagne tasting before but it’s as fun as it sounds. Note: If you ever see Graham Beck Zero on the shelves, scoop up a few bottles, you will not be disappointed.

Road trip up Route 62, South Africa

After we had soaked up our lucky share of luxury at Steenberg, we bid farewell to Constantia and made our way toward Route 62. Rugged mountain peaks, endless vineyards, and numerous varietals of South African wine were in our sights.

Delaire Graff Estate. Savignon Blanc, Route 62

Stellenbosch is the big-time wine producing region of the country and has too many vineyards to visit so we had to pick wisely with a stop at the Delaire Graff Estate. Savignon Blanc is what the region does best but their Coastal Cuvee was said to be amazing and proved so. Enjoying each sip of our flight in their cozy modern lounge was just the thing for this rainy day.

Boschendal vineyard in the Franschhoek region

When we asked our Twitter followers what was the must-see vineyard in the Franschhoek region, the resounding answer was Boschendal. With many of the original farmhouses still intact, this winery from 1685 was such a treat to explore and relax in. If you like slightly sweeter wines, their Le Bouquet is delish!

De Oude Kombuis cafe

We spent the night in the town of Montague, which we came to find out is the dried fruit capital of South Africa. Needless to say we left town a few kilos of dried mango heavier. Though for something a bit more substantial in our tummies before continuing on the wine route, we stopped at the adorable De Oude Kombuis cafe for some scrumptious pancakes and their signature dish, the “Die Plaasjong.”

Boplaas, port and brandy, in Calitzdorp, Little Karoo region of the Southern Cape

Boplaas, deservedly famous for their port and brandy, is situated in the village of Calitzdorp, nestled in the Little Karoo region of the Southern Cape. Our sommelier was such a jovial chap, we had a hard time peeling ourselves away from this dizzying array of wines, ports, brandies, and his private stash of unfiltered wine (we are huge fans now).

Mike Howard “hand-held” photo looking out over the majestic wine-filled mountains of South Africa

What would a visit to the longest wine route in the world be without a traditional “hand-held” photo looking out over the majestic wine-filled mountains of South Africa?

Are you a fan of wine? How about road trips? How about both at the same time?

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  1. ok, where do i sign up for this one??? nice write-up, it’s 9am and I still felt like opening a bottle of wine myself. hahhahahahaa

  2. Kenneth Webster says:

    A wine road trip is hard to beat. Although, gosh, that you two keep up the travel pace is amazing! I’d need a week of doing absolutely nothing right about now 😉

    1. wine road trips ARE hard to beat this is true. and yeah we do keep on a decent pace….the world is a big place, with lots of wine bottles to pop!

  3. These photos are outstanding. I’m totally borrowing from these places when I build out the permanent brewery one day. The Boschendal facade is badass and the Boplaas tasting room is very very cool. Interesting mix of aesthetics. The uncut ceiling beams, block and plaster walls, brick floor, sleek dark wood bar with light wood surface. Very cool.

    1. Amport, with your design background…your brewery is going to be killer! Though to be sure, maybe you should do an Overshores “research” trip to South Africa ; )

  4. Erin Beattie says:

    HEYAY! I was in labor when you posted this, but now i am enjoying a virtual vacation while Leah is sleeping and catching up on all the posts I missed. Much love & Wine

  5. Definitely a fan of both. If you’re a big fan of wine, you should check out the Food & Wine Festival out in Aspen Colorado. I’ve been to it once and after you pay the entrance fee, it’s unlimited sampling of wine and fine horderves! 😀

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