IDrive vs. DropboxSince we began our around-the-world journey back in January 2012, we have taken a truck-load of photographs and created thousands of important files and documents. People often ask us how we backup and access this massive volume of data? Up until a few weeks ago our answer whas always Dropbox. But now, HoneyTrek has a new hands-down favorite cloud storage solution…IDrive! First I will explain why cloud storage will rock your world (if you don’t use it already), and then I will tell you why we picked a new winner in IDrive vs. Dropbox.


What is cloud storage?

  • When files from your computers, phones, and other devices are constantly and automatically (without any user interaction required) backed up on a secure server (an off-site backup solution is crucial in case of theft/fire/damage/etc)


Why do I need cloud storage?

  • Have you ever lost an important file, photograph, document due to a computer crash?
  • Have you ever been traveling wishing you had access to a certain file?
  • Have you ever been at home wishing you had access to a file on your work computer and vice versa?
  • Do you take lots of photographs, and need a way to backup and access them from the road?
  • Do you have multiple computers that you’d like to always have the most up-to-date version of every file (without having to email files back and forth)?
  • Do you ever want to send large files/images/videos to family, friends, or colleagues?

…I could go on and one about the reasons to use online file storage, but hopefully those are enough examples to pique your interest.


How does cloud storage work?

  1. Create an account on IDrive (note: you can test-drive the service for 15 days and get your $15 back if you aren’t happy))
  2. Download the IDrive program to your computer
  3. Open the Application and click the “SYNC” tab on the left (see screenshot below). Choose where to put your “My Sync Folder” (I like to store mine on my desktop, so it’s always accessible and top-of-mind). Then put all your files (Word documents, Excel files, Photos, Music, anything you have on your computer) inside that folder.
  4. Anytime you modify or add a file inside that folder, IDrive will back it up on their servers with 256-bit AES encryption (the same security on banking websites).
  5. Take a deep breath and know your files will be seamlessly updated, securely backed up, and accessible to you anytime you need them. If your computer/harddrive ever die, simply install iDrive on your new computer and your files will be restored automatically!


Why we are huge fans of IDrive?

  • Backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android Phones, tablets, or virtually device into a single account (you only need one account per couple/family)
  • 256-bit AES encryption with a personal key that’s not stored anywhere on the servers
  • IDrive Rewind can restore an earlier version of your files
  • If you have lots of files, they will send you a 3TB hard drive to speed up your initial upload, and save your bandwidth. For FREE!


IDrive vs. Dropbox : The biggest and best difference? PRICE!

  • 1,000 GB account w/ Drobox = $100/year
  • 2,000 GB account w/ IDrive = $52/year
  • While we love and use all the IDrive extras, the bottom line is that either service will do practically the same thing…keep your files synced across all your devices, and securely back them up in case of disaster. The main question is, would you rather pay $100 for 1,000 Gigs of space on Dropbox, or $52 for 2,000 GBs of space on IDrive?


Switching to IDrive

If you are wondering (or a little nervous) about the process of switching from Dropbox to IDrive…we can tell you it was super simple. You install IDrive to your desktop, and simply copy every file currently in your Dropbox, over to the folder you choose in “My Sync Folder,” and give it a day or so to complete the sync. We know it can be scary to move all your files to a new service. We felt the same way, so we kept Dropbox going while we tested IDrive during the two-week full-refund period.




NOTE: IDrive asked us if we would like to share their service with the HoneyTrek audience, and we told them we would only do it after we tested it ourselves and were able to successfully run our business using IDrive exclusively…and here we are! We receive a small affiliate payment if you use our iDrive link


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