HoneyTrek’s Favorite Scuba Diving Sites

Code Hole in the great barrier reef
Scuba diving and snorkeling has been a shared passion since the very beginning of our relationship. Anne got me an open-water scuba diving course for my 30th birthday and we’ve recently gone on to get our Advanced Diver Certification in the Great Barrier Reef! Traveling around the world to some of the most incredible beaches and islands…scuba an was definitely on the brain. Whenever we had the chance to explore the underwater world, we took it! From Africa to Asia to Oceania, here our some of our favorite dive and snorkel spots of the HoneyTrek.


Koh Bida Nok, Thailand
Scuba with turtles in thailand
Koh Phi Phi, Thailand may be famous for The Beach but among divers it’s all about the coral gardens of Koh Bida Nok. This neighboring island slopes down to the most vibrant reef, bursting with marine life. Our new friend Myrtle was one of the a dozen Hawksbill turtles we swam with during our dive.


Kimodo National Park, Indonesia
Dive Komodo live-aboard review
In our travels we met a great friend and seasoned diver, Deb, who’s insider knowledge led us to the coral triangle of Flores, Indonesia. This area is said to be the richest concentration of marine life in the world and on top of that, the landscape above sea level was one of the prettiest spots in Asia! After diving The Cauldron in this bay, we hiked this mountain for breathtaking sunset views!


Zanzibar, Tanzania
Snorkel in Zanzibar Tanzania
Depending on our time frame or budget, sometimes snorkeling is a better option. In Zanzibar, just a few meters off shore, there was was this incredible coral garden. So without the need of a boat or a tank, we could swim through the soft coral and spot little Nemo on our own steam!


Oslob, Philippines
Diving with Whale Sharks
Swimming with whale sharks is every diver’s dream…and for us it came true in Oslob, Philippines. These gentle giants can grow up to 40-feet long and and 47,000 lbs, filling up on plankton of the Cebu strait. If they weren’t confirmed vegetarians, we would have probably been terrified in this moment, but instead swimming beside them was one of the most mesmerizing moments in the sea.


Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Spirit of Freedom live-aboard scuba
If you are remotely into diving, you should absolutely consider a scuba live-aboard. We did our first multi-day trip with The Spirit of Freedom in the Great Barrier Reef and fell in love with this intensive diving experience. Going on ten dives in three days through the Ribbon Reefs and Cod Hole put us in such a zone and only increased our desire to explore the 70% of planet Earth that’s under the sea.

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