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  • January 24, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    These are some of the things I would recommend doing while in Nairobi/Masai Mara areas:1. Visit the Kazuri Bead Factory at Karen Blixen Estate – they have the best selection of beads and pottery etchttp://www.kazuri.com/2. Karen Blixen for dinner – great food and a nice room with pretty grounds.  Try and get there in the daylight and walk around3. Visit the Utamaduni Craft Centre and have lunch at the Verandah restaurant – off of Langata Road on Bogani East Road.  This place has GREAT souvenirs, masks, jewelry, house items, clothing, baby clothing- EVERYTHING!!  But it is a bit pricey so be careful.4. Carnivore – the meat restaurant – I think it is overpriced and not that great anymore. it is also very touristy. But try it if you are curious.5. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – Elephant Orphanage – great place!!  The showings are at 11 AM so make sure you call for a reservation and get there early to get a place.  You can see the baby elephants and the baby rhinos.  It is very amusing and take pictures!http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/index.asp6. The Giraffe Centre is also great.  You can feed the giraffes and the hotel there is amazing!!!  The Giraffe Manor – so beautiful.  It is always booked months ahead of time and the giraffes walk up to your windows. Very chic place.  it is located off of Langata South Road.  Great gift shop!I think the Karen Blixen Museum is also located there?http://giraffecenter.org/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=17. Go to the Masai Mara village as an excursion when you are on safari in the Masai.  Great jewelry and bargain with them!!!  All of the beaded jewelry is handmade by the ladies in the village. I LOVE that stuff!  But do not pay full asking price.  It is usually $25 per person for the tour and is worth the visit once.8. Fly into the Masai – you are doing that and that is the way to do it!  Very pretty.
    Have fun!! I’m jealous.  Take lots of pictures.XO,Krissy

  • January 25, 2012 at 2:44 am

    We have lots and lots of tips. But first I’ve just read Kristinas post and yes I agree with her, Carnivore is over priced you can get the same meat else where at reasonable rates but it would be good to try if you are curious.

     Kikopey on your way to Nakuru along Nairobi-Nakuru highway sell very delicious mouth watering goat meat. I would recommend that its also been reviewed as the best Nyama(meat) choma (roast) joint. Read here: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/lifestyle/2011/06/09/kikopey-the-best-nyama-joint/Check out http://www.kws.org they have very good rates for their self catering Bandas and campsites.We would recommend Keekorok lodge,if you are planning to go to Masaai Mara their rates and most of the rates in these areas are full board. The Amboseli National park is the best place for you to see the Elephant families.Nairobi is a must see: I would recommend taking a game drive at the National park. There are plenty of affordable lodgings within the city centre if you plan to stay there a couple of days. There are Masaai Markets around the city; though I think they increase their prices because of tourists. If you plan to have a guide ask them to negotiate prices on your behalf they tend to over price their items when they see tourists. In addition go late in the evening when they are starting to wind up you will get good prices on items.Also don’t ask for directions from just anyone, the most recommended people are guards at banks, restaurants and offices here its easy to trace them if they tried to be cheeky with directionsThe best areas to visit: Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru National park, Amboseli National park, Nairobi National Park, Masaai Mara( If you can catch the wilder beast migration) Tsavo National Park and Aberdare National Park.Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo are also places recommended for visit.The western part of Kenya has also many unexplored areas you can visit: the Rondo retreat centre, Kakamega forest if you are bird watch fans, you can pass by the lake side city of Kisumu and see the Lake Victoria, just don’t miss out on the delicious fried tilapia fish and Ugali (maize meal) dish at the many restaurants located at the shores of the lake. take a boat drive, to the Rusinga Island as well.Walking Safaris in Lake Nakuru to see the large number of bird species Lake Nakuru lodge would be the best place to see the birds.Getting around you can combine most of your game drives with other tourists to make the cost of transport cheaper. Most tour vans carry 9 passengers.For most of the game drives you will need a tour guide with lots of experience and knowledge of the terrain. There are plenty who come recommended and how you negotiate with them will come a long way in saving your trip costs.As you get into the airport there are plenty of taxi cabs take the yellow cabs with numbers they are managed by Kenya airport authority and it would be easy to trace one in case you forget anything in the car, they have numbers.Any new thing that comes up we shall be sure to share especially with hotel and restaurant deals.Bon Voyage 


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