Looking to create an unforgettable glamping experience? Having reviewed over 200 luxury accommodations on their global honeymoon and written the book on the best glamping destinations in North America, Mike and Anne Howard know what it takes. With a unique background as professional photographers, columnists for Glamping Business Americas Magazine, travel influencers, and advisors to the American Glamping Association, the founders of HoneyTrek are excited to share their unique skill set with the glamping community. Whether you are looking to get your camp off the ground or your brand the media attention it deserves, the HoneyTrek glamping experts can help.
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Our Services for Glamping Camps and Outfitters

Guest Experience Workshops & Glamping Consulting

Before you invest more in a glamping property, you need to understand the person you’re building it for…the guest! Drawing from their experience staying at glamping camps around the world, HoneyTrek has pinpointed the elements—large and small—to create an exceptional stay and crafted it into a comprehensive course for property owners. Taking into account each client’s unique situation, this three-hour session is tailored to your goals and lays a path for achievable success.

Workshop topics include:

  • Efficient and inviting property design
  • The basics and style of a great room/suite
  • How to incorporate dining (even if you don’t have a restaurant)
  • The right bathroom setup (including off-grid options)
  • Common areas and social dynamics
  • Inspiring reflection, relaxation, and romance
  • Amenities and thoughtful touches
  • Offering a robust but low-maintenance activities program
  • Check-in/out process that leaves a lasting impression
  • Ways to be more sustainable for the environment and eco-minded consumer
  • How to garner guest loyalty and positive reviews
  • How to work with the media and influencers to promote your property

This 3-4 hour workshop is conducted as a Zoom session. In-person courses and ongoing consulting are also available. Email Glamping@HoneyTrek.com and we can schedule a (no-cost) exploration call to learn more about your project and how we can be of service.

Professional Photography

The Howards are a rare team. Studying photography at Columbia University and shooting a book’s worth of photographs for National Geographic, Mike is an accomplished photographer. While his partner Anne’s eight years of experience as a national magazine editor and stylist working on high-profile photo shoots, brings an extra attention to detail, curation, and finesse to their work. Understanding what it’s like to shoot for print and social media, B2B and consumer-facing brands, the Howards adapt to the needs of their clients and each project. They create imagery that showcases what it’s like to enjoy the luxury outdoor lifestyle and what makes each camp so special. Delivering compelling, high-resolution photographs with unlimited-usage rights, HoneyTrek offers each client the assets needed to elevate their property’s marketing initiatives and increase bookings.

See a sampling of HoneyTrek’s glamping photography portfolio

Social Media Storytelling

While HoneyTrek is already photographing your property, why not make the most of having travel influencers on site? The Howards can create social media content around their glamping experience for their social media audience (340,850 followers) while simultaneously creating exclusive content for your business’ social channels. This is an easy and effective way to boost brand following, engagement, and awareness for a glamping camp. For an example of HoneyTrek’s social storytelling for glamping brands, see this Instagram Highlight Reel. For an example of a full editorial and marketing campaign, see this splash-page.

Must-Have Glamping Book

Think outside the big-box hotels and discover North America’s most inspiring outdoor getaways. Seventy-plus destinations across nine countries come alive with vivid descriptions and hundreds of gorgeous photographs in a coffee-table book that is as informative as it is inspiring. Comfortably Wild dives into the origins of glamping and the 21st-century craving for unconventional experiences that effortlessly connect us with nature, our families, and ourselves. As Ruben Martinez of Glamping Hub and the American Glamping Association says, “Comfortably Wild finally gives us a comprehensive view into the vast world of glamping. It is as relevant and delightful for industry experts as it is for first-time glampers.” This coffee table book is made to live at glamping camps and be enjoyed by people who have come to unplug and be inspired by the great outdoors. This why we’ve worked out a deal with our publisher to give deep discounts to the glamping industry on boxes of 10-20 books. See our price sheet and order info, here, to snag a box for your camp and discover the many uses of Comfortably Wild.

A Trusted Voice in Glamping

When looking for glamping experts, the media and the travel trade come to the Howards. Check out the following interviews to hear Mike and Anne’s insights on glamping.

    Forbes:Traveling Couple Creates Definitive Book on Glamping
    Lonely Planet:We talked to the couple who wrote the book on glamping – here’s what we found out
    USA Today: “Need a social distancing-friendly vacation? This is the summer to try glamping
    Inspired Camping Podcast:Getting Comfortably Wild with HoneyTrek
    American Glamping Association Podcast:Meet Advisors, Mike & Anne Howard
    Family Travel Association Podcast:Family Glamping: Comfortably Wild Vacations
    Budget Travel:The Best Glamping Getaways in North America for under $150
    Outside Magazine: The New Spirit of Camping Issue; Glamping Pairs with Adventure


    “I attended the Glamping Show in Colorado recently, not only to get ideas on adding a third unique rental for my property but also how to make the guest experience even better. When I heard the session that Mike & Anne did about the guest perspective, I couldn’t write fast enough. Everything they shared was like golden nuggets of information. After their session, I knew I wanted to learn more, so it was a delight to meet them, get a couple of copies of their books for our rentals and set up a time to take the first step in their Glamping Consulting & creative services. Mike and Anne were so accommodating; they asked about our history, how I got to where I was and what my goals were. With that, began idea after idea from Mike and Anne. I was truly grateful when they shared some things to watch out for if wanting to go in a certain direction. Their advice and feedback was invaluable! The things they shared about implementing services and thoughtful touches to enhance the guest experience have already been done wonders–we got positive feedback with the very first guest and the reviews have been amazing! I’m excited to continue to partner with Mike and Anne as we grow our glamping business, and grateful to them for helping me deliver the best guest experiences.”
    — Jenny of Roosevelt Glamping and a HoneyTrek Glamping Consulting Client

    “Mike and Anne are as kind as they are competent. We are accustomed to the “corporate-types” in our day job so we were so thrilled to meet a glamping consultants that are genuine, candid and knowledgeable when contracting with Mike and Anne. They are not “corporate cats” at all and thank goodness for that…but yet, exceptionally bright, prepared, and professional. ‘There is no substitute for experience’ is an adage we all know and precisely what we were seeking in trying to craft our ideal thought process surrounding our glamp camp. Mike and Anne bring experience in spades. We have done business with them virtually and have met them in person…there is no interruption in service integrity with either medium.”
    — Glynn, HoneyTrek Glamping Consulting Client

    “As seasoned writers and influencers, the Howards understand all the intricacies of putting together a program that is complete yet allows some wiggle room, that’s inclusive without being exhausting. Here in chilly Quebec, they embraced it all with determination, did not skip a beat and never lost their smile. Bravo. Personally speaking, the time I spent with them was 9/10 fun and 1/10 work. Hopefully, I will have the pleasure of working with them again.”
    — Nancy Dacres; Account Executive, Quebec City Tourism

    “We were thrilled with the Glamping course they put on for us. It turned into a note taking frenzy and idea session that took on a life of its own. We were all so excited about all of the ways to make a glamping site special and we could have gone on for hours more, so we will need to schedule our second session to unlock the rest of their secrets. If you get the chance, Mike and Anne are wonderful to work with. We hope you enjoy their workshop as much as we did!”
    — Sam H., soon-to-be glamping operator and HoneyTrek Glamping Consulting client

    It has been a pleasure working with Anne and Mike through the years. They’re very organized and personable with a professional and go-getter attitude. Without hesitation, they go above and beyond for Glamping.com and I can’t say enough good things about this lovely couple.
    — Mey Martinez, Editorial Coordinator & Product Manager, Glamping.com

    “The Howards’ book ‘Comfortably Wild’ finally gives us a comprehensive view into the vast world of glamping. It is as relevant and delightful for industry experts as it is for first-time glampers.”
    — Ruben Martinez, cofounder of Glamping Hub and American Glamping Association

    It was a privilege to have Mike and Anne come to our property and share their glamping knowledge with us. Their extensive travel throughout the world makes them a terrific resource in identifying what makes a glamping accommodation and facility unique and memorable. They pointed out several key areas that would further enhance the glamping experience for our guests.
    — Matt Z., owner of Airydale Retreat and HoneyTrek Glamping Workshop client

    “I love that for Mike & Anne, glamping isn’t just about beautiful glamping properties, it’s also about the experiences that make our travels resonate and the incredible people that bring them to fruition. Helpful and inspiring, ‘Comfortably Wild’ is the guide that every North American traveler needs.”
    — Samantha Brown, Emmy Award–winning host of Places to Love

    They don’t just have a website, Facebook and Twitter accounts for their journey, they’ve got a brand: HoneyTrek.
    — Chris Reynolds; Travel Editor, Los Angeles Times


    Contact The Glamping Experts

    To find out how to work with us as glamping experts, glamping consultant, photographers, and/or travel influencers, please email Partnerships@HoneyTrek.com or call (888) 852-9383. We would love to brainstorm potential synergies between our brands. We look forward to working with you!

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