While snapping a photo with a family of sea turtles, a marine iguana swims right over my head. I shoot up to watch the reptile slink by and a sea lion breaches the water in the distance. Only in the Galapagos. The archipelago’s isolation 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador and its long history without human inhabitants made it Darwin’s lab for the Theory of Evolution and one of the most unique wildlife destinations in the world. We spent 10 days island hopping the Galapagos, and while we went gaga for giant tortoises and Darwin finches on land, we found our best wildlife sightings were under the sea and along its shores.

Watch our video above from kayaking around Isabela Island and see the best of our Galapagos Water Adventures, in the article we wrote for Expedia.com
Galapagos by Kayak

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