mexico displayIn partnership with Lonely Planet and Visit Mexico, HoneyTrek goes behind the scenes of Mexico’s world-renowned Día de Muertos celebration. Using the hashtag #DiaDeMuertosLP, fans followed the 2017 festivities in real-time, as HoneyTrek traveled to five cities over 11 days and celebrated Day of the Dead in each region’s unique way. Starting at Mexico City’s parade for 1.5 million, followed by Puebla’s arts festival, Cholula’s Catrina fashion show, Huequechula’s familial ofrendas, and finishing at San Andrés Mixquic’s celebration across the cemeteries, Ulama pitch, and promenades dripping with papel picado…this was a deep dive into the Día de Muertos extravaganza.

See our comprehensive article on the history and happennings for this year’s celebration and our action-packed social media coverage, showcasing the revelery, history, and dynamic traditions behind this must-see Mexican holiday.

We’re partnering w/ @LonelyPlanet & @WeVisitMexico for #DayOfTheDead! Follow #DiaDeMuertosLP & @HoneyTrek (FB, Insta, Snap) to join the fun!

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) October 25, 2017

So excited to be back in Mexico for #DiaDeMuertos! We celebrated in #Mazatlan back in 2014 and have been obsessed …

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) October 26, 2017

Getting in the spirit of #DayOfTheDead with pan de muerto: a sweet bun with a hint of orange, crossed with bone design #DiaDeMuertosLP #spon

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) October 27, 2017

WOW caught the dress rehearsal for #MexicoCity's #DayOfTheDead parade. 1000+ performers, crazy floats, gonna be epic! #DiaDeMuertosLP #spon

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) October 27, 2017

So many amazing places to celebrate #DiaDeMuertos in Mexico. We chose charming Mixquic! @LonelyPlanet #Spon @WeVisitMexico #DiaDeMuertosLP

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) November 3, 2017

OMG, easily in the top 3 festivals we have ever seen in our lives!!!! #DiaDeMuertosLP #DiaDeMuertos!!!!

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) October 31, 2017

Q1:What do you love about #Mexico? #DiaDeMuertosLP @WeVisitMexico @LonelyPlanet

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) November 1, 2017

Feliz Dia de Muertos from México! We got invited to march in the #DayOfTheDead parade in #MexicoCity, alongside 70…

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) November 1, 2017

A1: Of the 53 countries we’ve visited so far, we keep returning to #Mexico. Love the rich history, diverse terrain & cuisine #DiaDeMuertosLP

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) November 1, 2017

We concur. Add mezcal and fresh avocado and your set for eternity! #DiadelosMuertosLP @WeVisitMexico @HoneyTrek

— Lonely Planet US/CAN (@lonelyplanetUSA) November 1, 2017

Go behind the scenes of Mexico City's #DiaDeMuertos Parade. #DiaDeMuertosLP @lonelyplanet @WeVisitMexico #Spon

— HoneyTrek (@HoneyTrek) November 2, 2017

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