Choose Overland Travel for Yourself & the Earth

cherry blossom treesWhat’s our favorite mode of transit? We’ve flown first class, sailed luxury ships, slumbered on sleeper trains, and while those were all good and grand, our #1 pick is always the bus. No mode of transit gets you more in touch with a place and its people. We love the chance to see the countryside, stop for regional cuisine, and chat with the locals. (You might save a few hours hopping a plane, but I can assure you won’t meet a banana farmer on your Boeing 747.) Buses don’t need long lead reservations; you can buy your tickets online or walk up to the ticket counter as little as a day in advance—for as little as a dollar. It gives us flexibility and time to kick back and relax. Plus, it’s one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to travel!


Megabus 10 YearWhen we heard Megabus was planting 10,000 trees along their routes in honor of their 10-year anniversary, we said we’d be happy to spread the word! We have been riding Megabus for years, especially the route between San Francisco and LA to see our families. Barely longer than the flight (when you include the time getting to and from the airport/bag check/security/waiting around/etc), complete with power plugs, wifi, cell service, views, and a lunch stop…and we have been able to score tickets under $10/person on multiple occasions. How can you beat that?


Megabus Arbor Day Earth DayMega Bus has taken 50 million travelers all over the USA since 2006 (you can also think of that as “50 million less cars on the road”) and are now beautifying and lowering their carbon footprint with trees along their 120 routes, plus dozens of college campuses. To kick off this exciting initiative and partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, they threw a little party in New York hosted by their celeb spokesperson Skylar Astin and attended by yours truly (loved the Mega cupcake pops). We applaud their dedication to the environment and are excited to ride their new tree-lined routes around the country!

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2 thoughts on “Choose Overland Travel for Yourself & the Earth

  • April 25, 2016 at 5:48 am

    I love train travel – I feel as though you can be more connected with the locals as everyone can wander up and down the carriages. Bus travel is often too unpredicatable i.e traffic and unscheduled stops!

    • April 25, 2016 at 11:37 am

      We also adore train travel but love that buses go everywhere and there is always one to catch. We have taken literally hundreds of buses and have so many memories from traveling this way. Even our not so great bus experiences turn out to be funny stories.


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