After watching the frenzy of wildebeest and zebra darting back and forth across the Mara river, crocs nipping at them underwater, and leopards waiting for them on the other side, we didn’t think any more action was possible…but in the Maasai Mara there is no cap on the adventures in a day. Enter the greatest cheetah encounter ever!! We found a mother and baby cheetah relaxing in the shade of a shrub and were totally content enjoying this peaceful moment but then they set out for the hunt. The mother moved with incredible grace and efficiency as she sought out a better vantage point, while the baby scrambled to follow. The mound she was using was not cutting it, so this cheetah found a new lookout spot…the roof of our car!!!!

Maasai Mara cheetah

Watch this beautiful beast makes its way towards Anne’s head and down the hood of our safari vehicle. For more on our Maasai Mara experience, read the full blog

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  1. Jeffery Whalen says:

    Unreal! I’ve never seen anything like that, just setup on your roof.

    1. Jeff, you are telling us. That beast was so close….and notably hungry (and with a baby on the other side of our car)…so many reasons to be nervous….watch that video and you can see his chest heaving up and down….so crazy!

  2. Lauren Hahn says:

    Hi Guys,
    Its the hahns from massachusetts. I bet you hate it that us and the patels arent there to follow you like we did in August! Love your blogs. I can’t believe this video! Amazing. I remember when we saw Olive in the Mara she was right next to our car so I wanted to reach out and touch her but obviously I didn’t. They really aren’t scary animals but rather beautiful and graceful. I think I saw this photo when I was perusing new yesterday or the day before. i can’t believe it was you in the car. Why am I not surprised.. So glad you trip is going well. Max already is saving his money to get back to Africa. So cute. Take care of yourselves..

    1. The Hahns! So great to hear from you guys!! Whenever we are someplace cool, we look for you over our shoulder figuring you and the Patels can’t be far behind! Glad you had fun in the Mara too and it was so great getting to know you in Meru, Joys Camp, AND Aberdare…we’ll be in Thailand soon if you want to drop by ; )

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