Praia de Pipa brazilThe moment you touch the sand at Pipa beach you know you are in a special place, with steep Neapolitan-colored cliffs in both directions, dolphins jumping at Praia dos Golfinos, and the wonderful cobble stone streets cross-hatched on the hillside. If you are planning a trip to the North East coast of Brazil (which then will hopefully include Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada), Praia de Pipa is not to be missed. Though it has a few close rivals, this is possibly our favorite beach town of all.


As we explored beyond the main beach, we were rewarded with the amazing view (seen above) down the coast. This is one of dozens of beaches comprising Pipa, each secluded in its own tall cliff cove.


Praia de Pipa shoppingPipa is an nice blend of artisans, backpackers and honeymooners alike. You can stay in town for $30USD a night and dance all night to free music around town, or you can spend your days in the spa overlooking the magnificent cliffs and shopping along the cobble-stone streets.


Praia de Pipa rock formationsThe rock formations were amazing at Pipa, especially when the three colors were so distinct, as seen here at Praia de Amor, with the black lava rock, white sandstone and the red-clay top layer.


Praia de Pipa overviewA view looking down to Pipa, a short hike from town. Like many of the beaches they can only be accessed during low tide, so get a jump on the day if you plan to explore.


Fishing boats in Praia de PipaFishing boats line the coast of Brazil, and Pipa is no exception. Most of them don’t use motors and this one is no exception, you can see it’s powered by “100% Jesus!” You just can’t make this stuff up.


bay of dolphins in praia de pipaLong arching coves make this region excellent for exploring. This cove is called Praia dos Golfinos, which means beach of the dolphins, and it did not disappoint, we saw numerous dolphins frolicking about.


Surfing in Praia de PipaThe waves at Pipa were awesome in the morning at low tide. We rented some boards and got in a few hours. Anne caught her first true wave (not counting the ones she used to boogie board in California). As an added bonus some dolphins came by for a visit during our session.


Sand soccer, sand futebol in Praia de pipaSome local kids getting in one last game of football on the sandbar before the sun retires for the day. One of our favorite times of day is the 30-40 minutes after sunset, the sky is even more beautiful than during sunset and the reflections are to-die-for.


Pipa was phenomenal—charming town, amazing food, great nightlife, and a never-ending supply of beaches to explore. If you are looking for a relaxing get-away on the coast of Brazil, make sure Pipa is on your short list.

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