We received the very first copy of our National Geographic book just a few days before our trip to the Olympic Peninsula….a featured destination in Ultimate Journeys for Two. We were dying to return and hike the temperate rain forests, tidepool our favorite beaches, and spy the glaciers and islands from Hurricane Ridge. Then we thought, “What if we’d never been here before and only had a copy of Ultimate Journeys for Two to show us what to do?” We had to find out. Following our own advice word for word, we set out on our recommended adventures to document a Olympic National Park Travel Guide. Watch this video and see the pages of our Nat Geo book come alive.

Inside the Book: Olympic National Park Travel Guide

Olympic National Park Travel Guide

An excerpt from the Jungles & Rain Forests chapter of Ultimate Journeys for Two

“Western Washington State gets a lot of flack for ‘bad’ weather, but the rain forests of Olympic National Park make it all worthwhile. The 12 to 14 feet of annual rainfall in the Olympic Mountains yields an intensely lush landscape of moss-draped cedars, towering spruces, and fog-shrouded Douglas firs, some over 300 feet tall. The relative rarity of a rain forest in the United States has obvious appeal, though that’s just one card in this park’s ecological full house. In addition to the mystical Hoh and Quinault temperate rain forests, this heart-shaped peninsula is nestled amid glacier-capped mountains, wildflower meadows, 13 teal rivers, and 70 miles of rugged coastline. Its diversity of ecosystems is so impressive it has earned status as an international Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage site. In theory, you could ice climb, beachcomb, mountain trek, fly-fish, and soak in volcanic hot springs, all in the same day. And we hope you try. No matter your interests, the million acres of national park and 611 miles of trails will surely lead to excitement.”
Olympic National Park Travel GuideWhen to Go: The hearty can enjoy Olympic National Park all year-round. Those looking for long, sun-filled days should come June–September, or April–May for quieter trails and elk sightings.
Where to Stay: Lake Quinault Lodge: A historic and well-appointed lodge within the park; spring for the Boathouse. Kalaloch Lodge: For ocean views, try these cozy cabins along the windswept bluffs.
Get Romantic: Take Boulder Creek Trail to the natural hot springs. Seven pools, some reaching 118°F, are nestled into the forest. (FYI: Skinny-dipping is a common practice.)
HoneyTrek Tip: Even if you’re not a camper, spend at least one night in an old-growth forest. Book in advance for a prime riverside spot at Hoh Campground, or go early for same-day booking at the serene Graves Creek.

Our Nat Geo Video

National Geographic Travel’s talented team made their own version of our Olympic Peninsula video to share with their 5 million Facebook fans!

Olympic Peninsula is just one of 75 destinations in Ultimate Journeys for Two, all equally amazing and alive. Though don’t just take our word for it; get a signed copy of the book and discover them for yourselves.

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  1. This place looks amazing! We are campers and I bet we would love to stay in such a beautiful place as this. I’ve never been here, but having a guide book would be the first thing I would want, so I know what to expect and find things to do.

  2. This sounds exactly like the type of place I would love to visit. It seems to have a lot to offer when it comes to nature. I need to get my hands on books like this too. I love reading about places and things that I can learn more!

  3. This sounds amazing. Camping in an ancient forest is pretty much my dream vaca. Sounds like the book is spot on for adventures, we’ll have to grab a copy before planning our next one!

  4. This is a place I would like to visit while on vacation with the family. It is so good to have a good book that helps you plan a good vacation. I need this book so when we are going we know what are the best spots to visit

  5. I love being able to read about really cool places that I may visit someday. I have never been to anywhere exotic and it seems the only way I can even experience it is through reading about it. I will have to look more into this or get over my fear of flying, or both!

  6. This looks like an awesome book! I really want to start traveling more and this book looks like a great way to explore all about a new location before heading there. I like to be prepared before I head off to a new place!

  7. nadaliebardo says:

    Ohhh this looks like such an amazing place to explore. I will have to visit when I’m in the region (I’m quite a distance away). I love when you can plan an adventure somewhere that is so well documented. This book looks like just what you need to plan a perfect trip.

  8. seekneverland says:

    This place looks like the perfect couples getaway, especially the hot springs (oh la la). I always enjoy reading travel books before heading out on a trip. National Geographic is always a reliable choice.

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