Housesitting TipsHousesitting has opened a new chapter in our travel lives, one in which we truly immerse ourselves in a region and live like a local—for even less than $20 a day. Staying in someone’s home for a couple weeks or months, not only saves on lodging, meals, and transportation, but it grants us unparalleled access into a new place. Homeowners have welcomed us into their worlds—introducing us to their friends, lending us their favorite things, and sharing the best ways to enjoy the area. Here is how to get started:

Join the Top Sites
Consider joining one international site and one domestic.

World-Wide Sites: Find incredible opportunities around the globe on these key housesitting websites.

Country-Specific Sites: If you have a certain country in mind, check if there is a dedicated site like these to to narrow your focus. Annual memberships range from $20-$99.

Make a Compelling Profile
Speak to your experience caring for homes and pets (even if they are your own), while showing you are a trustworthy, respectful, caring, and responsible individual. Including a video introduction, references, and a police check will make you a more desirable candidate.
Application Process
When applying to a homeowner’s posting, prove why you would be the best possible candidate—find ways to relate. Close your message by saying you’d love to meet them over Skype; a video call will be the easiest for everyone to make sure it’s a perfect fit (plus, you will get a better look at the space and pets.)
Check Regularly and Apply Often
Housesitting is a rapidly growing trend in travel, which means more competition. Stay up to date with new listings and be apply quickly.
Study Up
Sign up for an online video course with and get invaluable tips from professional housesitters, and access to exclusive “sits”.

Housesitting Experiences
To see what housesitting is really like, read our blog on our experience in Mazatlan, Mexico or see our Facebook albums from housesitting a villa in Croatia or our farmhouse in Portugal.

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