You Know You Are In Malawi When….

Malawi children all smiles
When we originally sketched out the HoneyTrek’s route, Malawi wasn’t even on our radar. But when you travel overland from Zambia to Mozambique a stop in Malawi is inevitable. Having spent a few weeks exploring the Big-5 Majete Wildlife Reserve, and literally soaking in the sights and sounds of Lake Malawi, we are so glad we got to experience the unique wildlife and the warmth of its people.

You know you are in Malawi when….

– You are called the “Warm Heart of Africa” because of the sheer volume of smiles on your citizens’ faces. (look no further than the above photo)


Bicycle in African village in Malawi
– A mzungu (Malawian for: “white person”) riding a bicycle through a fishing village will result in no less than 20 children simultaneously trying to help you steer and pedal.


Fried termites, caught with a card-board box and a half filled bucket of water
– A local delicacy for people in the bush is fried termites, caught with a card-board box and a half filled bucket of water.


Cichlid fish of Lake Malawi
– You have over 1,000 species of cichlid fish, many of them incubating their babies inside their mouth.

– A lake occupies 26% of your entire country.


Dhows and dugout canoes on Lake Malawi
– There seem to be stars dotting the horizon, but in reality the twinkling lights are from the hundreds of fisherman, in their Dhows and dugout canoes, that work the lake from dusk till dawn.

– You can become addicted to a salty snack called Jiggies in just one bag. “Jiggies, once you pop (the MSG), you can’t stop!” Note: Pringles watch your back!


Chicken bus in Malawi
– Your chicken rides the bus for free if he sits quietly in your seat pocket.

– The Queen of England enjoys her MGTs so much she receives an annual order of Malawi Gin.(sshhhh…Don’t tell the Beefeaters)

Have you been to Malawi? Did we miss any gems?

  • Jessica Clark

    I totally ate termites in Costa Rica!! They actually taste like pine nuts! haha… Did you try them? Miss you guys!!

    • Mmm pine nut flavored termites…now I’m sad that we didn’t get the chance to try it! Love love that you could relate to this post in a way I never dreamed possible! Way to get after it!

  • Kenneth Webster

    ‘Good thinking to bring a road snack for the chicken 😉

  • facinating details….I want to know what Jiggies are made of?!!! I don’t know if I could bring myself to eat fried termites….

    • AnneCollinsHoward

      I am scared to think what Jiggies are made of…but man they were good.

  • valcope

    Why do I think of Capt. Spaulding, the African explorer, in the Marx Brothers film Animal Crackers?