Yangtze River Cruise [VIDEO]

The Yangtze is the third longest river in the world stretching 6,400km across China so we knew we had to cruise it. And when I say cruise, I mean a triple-decker boat, complete with one karaoke parlor, four electronic mahjong tables, 500 Chinese tourists, and two westerners (us). We joined the tour to experience the beauty of the Three Gorges and history along this ancient trade route, but it turned out that spending time with the passengers was half the fun.

Click HERE to read the blog post about the Yangtze River Cruise.

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  1. […] This photo sums up life for us on the boat and the fact we have never felt more popular in our lives. For three days we were celebrities, novelties, or perhaps just the boat mascots–whatever it was, people wanted to take their photo with us..all the time! At first passengers would do sneak-attack photos, where they would stand behind us while their friend took a picture of us “together.” As the tour progressed and we started making more friends, the flood gates opened. Lines would form to hold peace-sign poses together then degrade into a snap-happy mob (like the photo above and in this video we took just to document). […]

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