Inside Our Lamu Island Home

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and built on coral rock, this 14th-century Swahili village is a world unto itself. Narrow winding streets, crumbling spice trade mansions, bustling markets, coconut groves, and not a car to be found…Lamu was our muse and refuge for one unforgettable week. To read the full account of our stay, click here

  • By writing, do you mean writing for this website (or others) or writing a book?

  • Roni Feldman

    What kind of artist residencies do they offer?

    • Roni, this place would be amazing for your painting! The residencies focus more on printmaking and tapestry but they have a lovely work space that you should get access to and then the apartments would be great as a painting space too. This place has such a unique and beautiful vibe, that’s where the inspiration comes in to play! more info here: