The Luxury Side of the Moon

honeytrek for honeymoons.comFor our 675-day honeymoon around the world we are thrilled to announce our partnership with They have been in the bridal business for over 60 years and are the #1 result on Google for the search term honeymoons, so they know a few things about post-wedding getaways. Before we connected with them (through LinkedIn) they had never heard of couple taking their honeymoon to the level of a 500-day global tour, so after a few calls and a great meeting with one of the owners, we decided to partner up.


RTW honeymoon resource
A preview of this summer's redesign

Our partnership has us seeking out and enjoying the most romantic resorts and exciting excursions around the world and reporting back on our very own HoneyTrek section of the website. Any resorts we review, that meet a romantic mark of excellence, become the featured resort in their respective region for an entire year on, in addition to dozens of social media touch points and editorial reviews.

RTW honeymoons
Our accommodations in Torres del Paine, Chile

So when you see the occasional to-die-for resort review peppered in between tales of sleeping in an Amazonian tree and or a refuge in the Bolivian Andes, you’ll know had a hand in it. Hey, every pair of newlyweds deserves a litte luxury, right?

For more info on our partnership, check out the press release on If you represent a luxury property and are interested in hearing more details about this marketing & editorial opportunity please email [email protected]

  • Thanks so much guys. We’re really excited about this partnership. is a great company to work with, and we have been experiencing amazing honeymoon-luxury all across south America with Ecocamp Patagonia & Entre Cielos & Hotel Boutique De La Fonte, Iquassu & AWASI & in five days, with Andean Treks Inc.

  • You guys are an inspiration!!!

    • One of our main goals in doing this trip is to inspire our friends (and new friends) to go after their dreams, so if you are saying we are inspiration, that is the most proud we can be! thanks Sam!

  • Lee Rider

    Cant be lucky enough to spend the entire time in the Amazon right?  Gotta suffer through these luxury resort stays to help fund the trip 😉

    • You got that right Lee. Hey someone needs to show Americans that there are some great places to Honeymoon in South America….it isnt all Caribbean and Hawaii. Right? You know we are only doing this to help people out.

  • CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordane Elmassian

    That is just PERFECT!!!! I will keep reading up. We still have our honeymoon to organize 😀

    • Jordane, didnt know you were following along (thanks for the comment!). Glad you like this sponsorship (i knew you would!). When is your honeymoon, we have some GREAT ideas for south america. Wait till you see our post on EcoCamp in Patagonia, and Entre Cielos in Mendoza, and Awasi in the Atacama, Chile.

  • Lucky lucky you.

    Ahhhh-still dreaming about a Hawaii honeymoon one of these days….23 years later….

    • Susie, a few overused phrases come to mind. “better late than never”, “if not now when”, “sometimes you just gotta grab life by the *&#$”, “if you don’t do it today, you’ll only be one year older when you do”. basically what i am trying to say…is “just do it”. even if you do it with a girlfriend. you can’t keep your dreams inside, or else that is all they will ever be. throw up your sails kiddo!

      • We have planned it for our 25th anniversary. Not too long now. 🙂

        • Hey @newdaynewlesson:disqus, just checking in on you….it’s been 2 years now, so hopefully you made it on your Hawaii Honeymoon…. 🙂

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  • Maureen

    Really am dreamin of havin mi honeymoon in Hawaii,seriously it will be a dream come true,Thx

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  • christel

    Sorry, this just put me off the newly discovered blog……….. just disappointing.

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