Greetings from the Amazon Jungle…the first stop on our around-the-world honeymoon. Our five-day trek into the jungles of Brazil was quiet the crash course on adventure travel. Read all about our time in the Amazon with jungle ninja and guide Cristavo as we fish for dinner, sleep in trees, and swim with piranhas.

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  • Anonymous

    awesome guys … true adventure! the quality of the video is great … how far are you going on that river? .. is that a trib of the Amazon? are you heading deeper in at this point? 

    • Mike Howard –

      Glad you liked the video Jim. It was taken on our Canon S100, great camera, best i have ever owned. That was on our way back from a 2 day, one night, trek deeper into the jungle. For 3 nights we had been staying with a local family in a grass hut (think no walls, dirt floor, and hammocks from the beams, it was awesome). In the jungle it was just anne, myself and the guide, and a pair of machetes to build our own roof and cook our food. it was excellent!

  • Sam t

    Happy 1 year to HoneyTrek!!!

    • Mike Howard –

      Sammy T! Thanks for the love, as always. I cant believe we started this journey back in January…and it’s already December….simply wild!