• Anonymous

    awesome guys … true adventure! the quality of the video is great … how far are you going on that river? .. is that a trib of the Amazon? are you heading deeper in at this point? 

    • Glad you liked the video Jim. It was taken on our Canon S100, great camera, best i have ever owned. That was on our way back from a 2 day, one night, trek deeper into the jungle. For 3 nights we had been staying with a local family in a grass hut (think no walls, dirt floor, and hammocks from the beams, it was awesome). In the jungle it was just anne, myself and the guide, and a pair of machetes to build our own roof and cook our food. it was excellent!

  • Sam t

    Happy 1 year to HoneyTrek!!!

    • Sammy T! Thanks for the love, as always. I cant believe we started this journey back in January…and it’s already December….simply wild!