Northern Israel: Haifa & Old Akko

A picturesque Mediterranean port city, cascading down Mt. Carmel to the sea, with the world-famous Baha’i Gardens in between…Haifa holds it’s own for beauty and culture. Not a big tourist-draw, it’s is a real city that prides itself on its harmoniously mixed population of Jews and Arabs. We particularly loved the street market and art of the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood and chatting politics with our awesome Airbnb host, Abigail. Just a half hour up the railroad tracks, Akko (or Acre) is a gorgeous stone city, graced by the likes of Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Napoleon, and Egyptians dating back to 19th century BC. We wandered its narrow alleys, tunnels, and fortress walls and fell in love with this romantic little town.

Haifa Photo Gallery

– Mike & Anne

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