Where High-rollers Roll

Everyone thinks of Las Vegas for high-rolling fun, but there is a big world waiting to be explored. So, where are the best places to try your hand with lady luck?

Many of these world-class cities are on our bucket-list but there are some lesser known destinations across the seven continents (okay, maybe not Antarctica) that may inspire a trip to new regions of Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, or even a city in your home country. Or perhaps you’re planning already planning a trip and some money-making opportunities are closer than you thought!

  • Las Vegas has more felt tables and slots than any city in the world but California as a state actually outdoes Nevada.
  • The Venetian Macao is actually the seventh largest building in the world, by floor area
  • For $25,000/night you can throw a party in the Palms Hardwood Suite, equip with your own basketball court.
  • In 1992 Archie Karas rolled into Vegas with $50 to his name, and within three years turned that into $40,000,000

Take a look at this infographic from the UK-based Grosvenor; it has some interesting stats on the sport’s hotspots (and not so hot), plus the history of the pastime and fun travel tips. Where would you love to try your luck?

Where to find lady luck

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