Have Any Tips on Uruguay?

We didn’t have big plans to go here but heck it’s only a ferry ride away from Buenos Aires. We hear the historic town of Colonia is definitely worth a day trip–but anyone else have an argument for staying longer? The New York Times did a pretty seductive article o the beaches there but we still aren’t swayed. Please chime in if you vote for more time than daytrip to Uruguay!

As always, we’d love your recommendations on towns, excursions, restaurants, lodging, or anything you think would be helpful during our visit to Uruguay.

Please post any ideas in the “Add New Comment” section below, or email us at [email protected]

  • Caroline Leal

    PLEASE do yourself a favour and head over to Uruguay! If you like sleepy seaside towns the whole east coast is a must (Punta del Diablo). If you’re there around March you can also head to Tacuarembo upnorth to see genuine gaucho festivals and get a real taste of the countryside! My family is from Uruguay and I’m just so happy to see that people are slowly starting to discover this gem of a country! It’s not full of tourists yet so do try to stay some time there!! Enjoy!

    • Wow, such great tips! We are totally going to be there in March….do you know when those festivals are? early or late march? We totally want to hit Uruguay, since not many folks do…

      • Anonymous

        Happy you’ll head there! This year it’s from the 7th to the 11th of March! If you go to http://patriagaucha.com.uy/ you’ll see the info (although it is in Spanish) Keep me posted!

  • Roye Werner

    I’m a friend of Scott’s, and heard about your query that way.  We lived in Montevideo some years ago, and it is a truly delightful city – a coastline with a boardwalk stretching for 20 miles, lots of cultural attractions and restaurants, safe and lively at night, beautiful Art Deco and fin-de-siecle architecture, a cafe culture and amazingly content inhabitants.  If you get there quickly, you’ll have a truly authentic and fascinating Carnival experience:  http://www.welcomeuruguay.com/carnavales/index_i.html
    Have fun!

    • Scott Bricker, from Pittsburgh? Or a different scott? either way, thanks so much for the tip Roye, we are excited to visit Uruguay, as we dont hear many people talking about it, so it sounds like our sort of place!