Have Any Tips on Taiwan?

Our trip planning is a work in progress. We’d love your recommendations on towns, excursions, restaurants, lodging, or anything you think would be helpful during our stay in Taiwan. Please post any ideas in the “Add New Comment” section below, or email us at [email protected]

  • Fo Roberts

    Jiufen (near Taipei) is a quaint little old town with great views and traditional Taiwanese snacks. I was utterly charmed during my first visit, but years later when I returned a Starbucks had appeared. Just a little caveat …

    • Thanks for the Taiwan tips Fo! How many times have you visited Taiwan? It is currently on the “maybe list…..”

  • Agreed with Jiufen! It’s an amazing town to visit. We also recommend Tainan is a must visit city which offers rich heritage and culinary experiences!

    We have a blog post about Jiufen, hope you like it! 🙂

    • very cool. sounds like a must see then. checked out your blog post. good stuff, thanks for sharing the link. also we followed you guys on FB. hope its foggy and rainy for us in Juifen 🙂

      • Great! If/when you’re heading out to Taiwan, make sure to reach out to us! We’ve got some great tips on how to experience Taiwan!

        • sounds fantastic. Taiwan is still one of the countries on the fringe of making it into the HoneyTrek. we want to, but each country is holding onto us longer than we planned (oh the amazing world!)

    • I wish we were Lauren, we have heard such great things. Thanks for sharing that, we will have to include it in HoneyTrek #2 🙂