• I spent my 30th Birthday in Queenstown, NZ and had a wonderful adventure discovering The Milford Sound. ‘Milford Sound is surely one of the most spectacular, jaw-dropping, other-worldly places I have ever visited. Rain forest-covered cliffs abruptly rise over four thousand feet from the fjord, thousands of waterfalls plunge into the water from above the clouds, and wildlife is abundant’

    I always swore that I would return to do the Milford Track!

    I’m so proud of you guys for taking on this challenge and adventure on your HoneyTrek. Have an awesome time!

    • Oh, thanks so much for the hike recommendations. Yeah we have a few birthday milestones on our trip as well. My wife Anne turns 30, and I turn 35, both on the journey. Cant wait. And we are seriously looking forward to New Zealand, and i think we must do the Milford Track now, right?

  • Sounds like an amazing trip so far! For NZ I would recommend more time on the Southern island because of the greater variety. My favorites are the turquois Lake Tekapo not far from the highest mountain of the islands, Mt. Cook; a day hike on Franz Josef glacier; the overnight cruise on the Doubtful Sound; hiking Abel Tasman (even a 1 day hike there is fantastic).

    The North is all about nice beaches in Northland and Coromandel and volcanos in the middle; really nice ones though (the Tongariro Crossing and Mt. Taranaki are absolutely worth it). You shouldn’t miss Rotorua and Wai-O-Tapu.

    Continue enjoying!! 🙂

    • Uh oh, I also need to mention Skydiving in Wanaka and swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura if you are looking for action (both on the Southern island)!

      • Anja, thanks so much for all the thoughtfull commets. yeah we hear great things about the south island, so we will cheat it that way. and your hikes sound amazing. did you hire gear for any camping or bring your own?

  • If you end up in Rotorua, you have to try out the Zorb! Its alot of fun, and feels like a giant waterslide. Also, Taupo isn’t far from there and its a big adventure sports area… bungee jumping and whatnot. Wellington is a lively city with lots to do, and I also think there is a ferry from Wellington down to the South Island. A little tip for your trip out of NZ… there is an overnight bus from Wellington to Aukland for just 11 NZ dollars, if that works for your journey back to Aukland to catch your flight out of NZ.

    • oh yeah, we heard fun things about Zorbing…lol. looks like a blast. glad i will have my waterproof camera for that guy! and that overnight bus tip is great, we love those buses. save on a hotel and get lots of blogging done!

  • I spent 4 days visiting friends who were studying abroad in NZ in 2009 and we went bungee jumping and sky diving at Lake Taupo which were both absolutely amazing (I have the bungee video on my site if you’re interested).

  • Val

    Hi! Saw your article in the Moravian Journal– I’m an alum (’98) living in Wellington with my partner who is from NZ, so we have lots of ideas to share! I just finished a trip to the South Island myself, but haven’t yet had time to blog about it (hopefully soon!) Anyway, I’m at http://kiwiandkumara.com. If you’d like to meet up in Wellington whenever it is you may be heading there, let me know! -Cheers, Val

    • Val, it is always great to connect with other Moravian Academy alums. And thanks for taking the time to come checkout our blog AND leave a comment. whenever you get that blog live with tips, come back and leave another comment. we always look at these before landing in a new country for tips and idea.s also when we are in Wellington we will totally look you up and go out for beers. that should be around may or june of 2013….lots to see between now and then!


    “New Zealand – Get a car or hitch hike. some people buy a car for $500-600 and sell it at the end. Or you can get a camper van and sleep out of that. Hostels are expensive. $25-30 a night. Gas is also expensive. Auckland is cool buts just another city. North Island – Bay of Islands – go sailing. Raglan – more beachie stuff and awesome town. My fav in NZ. Stay at the Raglan backpackers. You have to book a week in advance, but its totally awesome. learn to surf, chill out for a week. Lake Talpo – I have a couple cousins who live there as farmers. Hit them up. Go bumgy jumping and see the river. Wellington is another city – lord of the rings stuff. SOUTH ISLAND – Queenstown is awesome. Hike up the mountain and go bungy jumping at nevis. Catch out the glaciers. Watch out for earth quakes in Christ Church. Nothing much there anyways.”

    • Guest

      Chch not all bad, things are picking up, bars and eateries and reopening. Def still worth a drop in. Check out Gap filler activities on Facebook. Most importantly the aftershocks have pretty much stopped 🙂

  • Shru

    Hi! I am so jealous reading about your RTW trip. My husband and I finished our trip last year and I think I am still suffering from massive withdrawal! NZ was our first destination and we spent the most time there since we love hiking.

    Milford Track is highly recommended. If you don’t get space in Milford Track, try Routeburn track. Wine tasting on a bike in Marlborough was a neat experience for us as well. For ideas, check out our blog: http://troupinaround.wordpress.com

    or send an email if you have any questions!

    Good luck to you both and safe travels. Beautiful pictures and cool website, btw!



    • Shru, thank you so much for those tips, we will be checking out your blog for sure. #1. how long before you trekked did you book it? what time of year did you go? #2. how was re-entry into real life? #3. where are you guys from? #4. thanks for the love on our photography and our website….means a lot from a fellow blogger who knows the ropes 🙂

    • Shru, we followed a bunch of your New Zealand tips! It was amazing and we are excited to have begun our blogs about this awesome country…check our first post here: http://www.honeytrek.com/auckland-waiheke-island/ and the the upcoming blogs here http://www.HoneyTrek.com/subscribe Thanks so much!

  • Muteb

    hello congrats for ur weddings. i’ve read about you guys on arabic website news 🙂 .
    New Zealand is my favourite countries ever. the best way to have fun there is to rent a car and start up north in cape reinga and move down south. north island has its good places but nothing beats the south island. In south island you’ll arrive to nelson and check out Tahona beach over there, also christchurch has such beautiful places and their new downtown gonna blow ur mind away. further south to queenstown is better go there by car as you’ll come across nice towns and cool places to take a picture there.
    queenstown words wont do any just to this place you’ll need to see it yourself

    hope you have fun there and i’m gonna check ur website regularly 🙂