First Stop: Brazil!

honeytrek travels the amazonBrazil is the first stop on our around-the-world HoneyTrek! And we are diving in head first with a landing into the heart of the Amazon! Manaus is the biggest town in the jungle and a great jumping off point for riverboat excursions to visit indigenous villages, spot river dolphins, monkeys, crocodiles and whatever else is waiting for us there. We’ll spend about a week exploring the jungle then we fly back out to the coast (the Amazon is practically impassible by car).

honeymoon travel ideas for brazil
Fernando de Noronha

Starting in the town of Belem, we’ll drive down the coast for three weeks hitting towns like Sao Luis, Chapada Diamantina, Lençóis Maranhenses, Bonito, Jalapão, Fernando de Noronha,
and Salvador before we arrive to Rio.

Anyone can march if they have that Samba School's costume. We are seeing if we can snag one.

We’ve planned it so we hit Rio in the thick of Carnival–we may be way in over our head but we are willing to find out. To further that,   a friend of a friend who runs a samba school is trying to sign us up to dance/march in the parade (headdress, anyone?).

honeytrek goes to iguazu fallsAfter rocking out in Rio for the four days of debaucherie (and maybe hang gliding around that Christ statue on the hill), we’ll be heading to the legendary Igauzu Falls on the southern border before we cruise through Argentina.

As always, our planning is a work in progress so we’d love your recommendations on towns, excursions, restaurants, lodging, or anything you think would be helpful during our stay in Brazil.

Please post any ideas in the “Add New Comment” section below, or email us at [email protected]

  • Don’t know if you’ve already purchased your domestic tickets. If not, here are some tips for purchasing plane tickets in Brazil: For general tips, Didn’t see Pipa on your list. If you have time, you should try to hit it before heading on to Fernando! Paradise….

  • No tips for you, but we’ll definitely be eager to hear about your Amazon adventure, as we’re hoping to head down there for river cruise in the next few months ourselves! 

    • Ok guys, both blogs are live on the Amazon. give them a read and post ANY comments & or thoughts in the bottom of each blog and we will respond.
      Part 1: 
      Part 2:

      looking forward to your thoughts.

  • Marcelo Zampronha

    This is what I suggest to do in Manaus:
    Take the 1-day tour (9am to 3:30pm), basically it will take you to the jungle close to Manaus with comfort and structure. The highlight is the meeting of river waters of Negro with Solimoes. They can pick you up at the Hostel and bring you back. It is R$140 each (U$ 80 with lunch and pick up included – not bad…)

    The hostel Manaus seems to be a good option, I called them this morning but couldnt make a reservation so far, but I will keep trying today (I will post here as soon as I get it). Call me as soon as you get to the city, my phone number is +55 11 64374224.

    • Marcelo Zampronha

      Reservation confirmed for tonight: Hostel Manaus – Rua Lauro Cavalcanti, 231 – Centro. Room for couple w/ac and a private bathroom, R$70 (less than U$40), under Mr. Michael Howard. Cool?

      The agency phone (amazon explorers) is (92) 3232-3052.

      Take the day tomorrow to rest and explore the city downtown  the Teatro Amazonas is a coll place and it is steps from your Hostel. Don’t forget to try the local food (river fish is the speaciality) and have a BLAST with the local fruit (they are all fresh and typical from the Amazon region – we don’t find those fruits fresh – acai, cupuacu, guarana, etc – not even in Sao Paulo!).

      Hope this helps!

      • Wow marcy, you are amazing, thanks for all the research. we booked a hotel from the tarmac in NYC, staying here now. we are going to check out tours tomorrow, we are looking for one that is 3-4 days. really getting deep in the jungle.

  • Anonymous

    Carnival! now I want to meet you guys there!  We head out to St. Kitts on Thursday, then France and UK (visit Eric) in March … Portugal for summer so I really got to get going for plans with your mom to catch up with u guys 

    • totally, and you also need to get mom posting on our blog and facebook. 🙂

      carnival is going to ROCK! we are so stoked!

  • Brandon

    Keep that video camera rolling!

    • Thanks for the post Brandon. means a lot! and YES we are going to roll the video camera lots. the only problem is uploading these files, internet connections are not what they are in the states.