• Australia is absolutely gorgeous. I lived there for 5 years when I was younger and interned in Sydney for a summer during college. I’d say definitely take a day trip out to the blue mountains and do some bush walking! 


    “Australia – Go in there summer or spring. No winter….Its gotten a lot more expensive since I was there in 2008. But you can bus or train it everywhere. Its cheap to take domestic flights. No need for a car. Carrins – great barrier reef. go scuba diving but watch out for the jelly fish, go sky diving. Whit sundays- go sailing. Brisbane – might be still messed up from the floods. Sunshine Coast (noosa heads) Gold Coast is the best dude. Byron Bay – Go sky diving, awesome travel town. Sydney is cool but its like a city. I’ve heard good things about Melbourne. I have a couple friends who live there so let me know if u make it.”

  • Toby

    If you manage to hit just the right time between wet and dry season around May, when the water is pulling back, but not gone completely, go for the walks in El Questro (50km into the Gibb River Road at the Kununurra side). Some walks are along a riverbed, and will be part walking, part swimming and part climbing up waterfalls! The resort (even the campground) is somewhat expensive though. Always take the croc warning signs serious though!

    Another favorite of use was to stay at one of the very basic campgrounds in Cape Range National Park and chat with the owners and other odd travelers (most people were way older than us (we have your age), but that made it interesting! You have to reserve a spot in Exmouth. We stayed at Ned’s Camp.

    If you like to do tours and also cover some distance at the same time, I can recommend the 10 day tour from Adelaide to Alice springs, which takes you right into the Australian Outback! You won’t have much comfort, but who cares… If you head the other way, they offer cheap return trips (no tour, just driving).

    If you have to limit your time in Australia though, I would think that the Northwestern and Western parts and the region around Darwin would suit you best (as far as I can tell from reaing your blog).

    • Toby

      Oh, and a good indicator about when it’s “the right time” is when they open the Gibb River Road for traffic after the wet season. We were a bit early, the road was still closed, so we went to the bungle bungles first. Also well worth, but you’ll need a 4×4. Which comes in handy in all of West and North Australia anyway.

    • Toby, thanks for all those solid tips. We might be in Australia right around that may timeframe as well. We will check out a map and try to plot out course. Did you take any internal flights? Or all buses?

      Have an excellent day,

      • Toby

        No buses or flights. Car between Sydney and Adelaide (4 weeks), tour between Adelaide and Alice Springs, train (The Ghan) between Alice and Darwin (that was an interesting experience!), car between Darwin and Perth (6 weeks).

  • Eleanor

    Come to Canberra! Practically all attractions are free and it is beautiful!!!

    • Eleanor, thanks for your tips! We finally made it to Australia and are rolling out our adventures starting tomorrow! We hope you can come along for the ride!

  • Graham

    If you come to Brisbane check out South bank. There is a large artificial beach with lots of restaurants, bars and live music surrounding it. Its also on the river so has some great views of the city and beautiful paths with lots of gardens to walk along. There is also a performing arts centre, museums (including a maritime museum) markets and lots of events there every week. Hope you enjoy your stay in Australia! It’s great what you are doing!

    • Thanks so much, Graham! We didn’t quite make it to Brisbane but loved our time in Sydney, Cairns & our 4-day liveaboard scuba to Lizard island, camping in Daintree, and exploring the NT with trips through Kakadu, Katherine Gorge and Darwin. We’ve been a bit delayed but our Australia blogs begin in two weeks; we’d love to hear your thoughts when they hit the web!

  • Gemm

    Mike and Anne… I’m confused about the supposed hype about your website given that there’s very little content and what is here is outdated by nearly three years. Perhaps consider some updates?

    • Gemm, great timing! After visiting and blogging over 200 places, HoneyTrek will be entering Australia in just two weeks! We look forward to your support and comments!