Have any tips for the USA

USA road trip graphicOur USA road trip planning has begun! We would love to hear your favorite towns, excursions, restaurants, lodging, or anything you think we should experience during our road trip around America.

Please post any USA road trip tips in the “Add New Comment” section below, or email us at MikeAnne@HoneyTrek.com

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6 thoughts on “Have any tips for the USA

  1. You have to go to Seattle, Washington! I love it! A few things to do are: Go to pike place. A little touristy but incredible. Go watch the fisherman. If you like coffee and Starbucks. The first one is in Seattle and pretty cool to see the first one. I know you don’t like a lot of touristy things but a lot of them our really fun. Like the space needle. There are also a lot of cool museums. Have fun!!

    P.S Also, Ride the Duck. I’ve never done it but hear it is so fun and cool to experience both the land and water of Seattle. Google it.

    P.S.S. Are pretty epic sports teams are really great. Go Hawks!!

    1. Ella, you have no idea how timely this advice is! We are going to Seattle in two weeks to start a 5-week housesitting gig! We are staying in the Beacon Hill area taking care of a vegetable garden but will have plenty of time to explore. Thanks for the tips–we’ll put them to use very soon!

      1. Ohh! Have fun!! Tip: It does rain quite a bit, but when it is nice, it’s nice!! Have a great trip!!

        1. Thanks so much, Ella. We hear good things about the weather in May, fingers crossed but either way we’ll find a way to have fun!

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  3. The Ithaca, NY area is just beautiful. The home of Cornell university is in the middle of the finger lakes region. Thee is so much to do and see. In the winter it’s alpine and cross country skiing, in the summer hiking and lots of wine trails to follow. There are AMAZING parks with waterfalls including Watkins Glen State park and many more. It’s also an easy ride to Niagara Falls.

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