Bustling Streets of Kathmandu [VIDEO]

Rickshaws whizzing through the streets, worshipers praying at every shine, vendors hawking their wares, and a veritable sensory overload in Nepal. For more travel tips on Kathmandu, read our full blog.

8 thoughts on “Bustling Streets of Kathmandu [VIDEO]

  1. great video! kathmandu looks amazing.

    1. glad you liked it Andy! We had an amazing time in Kathmandu….such an unique and intriguing city.

  2. To keep busy in my retirement I think I’ll move there and open a small ‘vehicle horn repair’ shop 😉

    1. LMAO, tell me about it Ken. It was madness there, and the motorcycles are everywhere, just flying by you with inches to spare.

  3. You guys are killing me with all these market shots! Seriously when are you going to open up the Honeytrek.com store??

    1. what with all the things we buy along the trip? We totally want to…but what we need is an unlimited FedEx account.

  4. is the Yak& Yeti Hotel still there?

    1. it is still there….that’s a fancy one. didn’t get to experience it, but after checking out the photos i wish we did!

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