Adventure Honeymooning Puerto Rico

La Ventana Cave
Laventana Cave (photo by:
We have honeymooned the world over but we’ve yet to explore one of the most accessible and beautiful tropical islands…Puerto Rico! From the U.S., it’s just a 2.5-hour flight from the mainland, roundtrip flights are as low as $200, and you don’t even need to change money or bring your passport. A trip to Puerto Rico could not be any easier, and with 248 beaches, the U.S.’s only tropical rainforest, the second-oldest city in the Americas, we have no excuse and a million reasons to finally get to this nearby territory!

When we extend our honeymoon to Puerto Rico, these are the top places we dream of going. Check out our itinerary thus far and let us know your favorites or suggestions with a comment below.


Exploring Old San Juan & Condado

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico
Photos clockwise: Fortaleza aerial view, Old San Juan Street by Emilio Santacoloma, & the o:live Hotel
Most adventure honeymoons still start in a big city though when it comes to Puerto Rico, landing in their vibrant capital is a part of the adventure. Driving a mere 15 minutes from the airport, we’ll arrive at the fabulous o:live Boutique Hotel. Combining their perfect location in the glamorous barrio Condado, sweeping ocean views, and inspired design, this hotel earns its honor as one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Once we decompress in a veranda suite and on the rooftop terrace, we’ll ride our bikes into Old San Juan for a little colonial exploration. La Fortaleza, El Morro Castle, and the home of Ponce de Leon are some of the top historical sites, while the Nuyorican Cafe and Rumba club will give us a taste of salsa dance culture.


Sleeping in El Yunque Rainforest

Next up, some outdoor adventure time! At the eastern end of the country where the beach meets the rainforest, lies El Yunque. It’s the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Park service and one of the most biologically diverse with hundreds of animal and plant species. For unfettered access, we’ll be nesting at the Rainforest Inn. With absolutely stunning views and a private multi-bedroom villa for $170/night…I think we might be staying here a bit longer.


Hiking Camuy Caverns

Camuy Caves
Camuy Caverns (photo by
The third largest underground river in the world, Rio Camuy, has carved a spectacular network of limestone caves, caverns and sinkholes. This 268-acre park and its 220 accessible caves make this destination a must for explorers like us. In the summer you can camp here, so we may just bring our gear for a romantic night under the stars.


Kayaking Fajardo Biolumiscent Bay

Bioluminescent Bay
Bioluminescent Bay (photo by:
We were completely dazzled by snorkeling the bioluminescent waters in Railay, Thailand, and Puerto Rico’s bays are supposed to have even more vibrant dinoflagellates (fancy word for the microorganisms that glow neon when agitated). The brightest encounters are the farther afield Vieques Island, but the easily accessible Fajardo is also an all-star choice. Kayak on a dark summer night and your paddle will set the waters aglow!

Want to live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico? Which of these places would you like to experience? Have any other suggestions for a honeymoon in Puerto Rico? Let us know in the comments below!

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36 thoughts on “Adventure Honeymooning Puerto Rico

  1. Puerto Rico is definitely on my travel bucket list! I’m a huge traveler (I’m heading to Paris and London this Spring and Tokyo and Hong Kong this summer) and my goal is to see as much of the world as possible. <3

    1. I like your attitude Angelic! There is so much world to see and there is no time like the present!

  2. oh my! breathe-taking sights! Just beautiful! I love going to places that preserves heritages.

    Old San Juan & Condado looks amazing!

    1. Old San Juan looks so charming (yhey’ve got over 500 years of history!) and a stay in Condado gives easy access to the old city but embraces the city’s modern side…a great pair!

  3. I would love to explore the rain forest and the caves. There are a lot of natural wonders in Puerto Rico.

    1. Us too! For being such a small island it’s jam-packed with natural beauty!

  4. Puerto Rico has been on my bucket list for a while, as I have seen gorgeous photos of old San Juan. Looks like you had an amazing time and I love all of your photos.

    1. Hope you can get the PR off your bucket list with an awesome trip someday soon!

  5. Oh my goodness. This looks heavenly! The bioluminescent bay is a place I am dying to get to. I want to swim in that water so bad!

    1. Swiminng in bio-luminescent waters in Thailand s one of the coolest things we’ve ever done and it looks even cooler in Puerto Rico!

  6. This looks like such a fabulous place to visit! I’d love to go on a vacation in Puerto Rico. Once my kids get a bit older, I’d love to travel more!

    1. Definitely! We have friends that just did a family vacation there with their 3-year old boy and 3-month old girl…maybe you can go sooner than you think 🙂

  7. I would love to do some kayaking. I didn’t release they had areas with bioluminescent waters like that in Puerto Rico.

    1. Kayaking where the water lights up with each paddle stroke…that would be amazing, right?!

  8. Wow, I never knew there were so many amazing things to do and see in Puerto Rico. I would love to go one day myself.

    1. Puerto Rio isn’t talked about nearly enough–especially for being so easy to visit from the States!

  9. Wow! I’ve never seen that in the water before! It sounds like we need to book a trip to Puerto Rico! I’m in love with all these pictures and descriptions of this place!

    1. I know Fajardo at night looks unreal and Vieques is probably worth the extra distance to see the water at its brightest. Hope you get to go soon, Heather!

  10. Wow, so glad that you enjoy and you both had fun adventure, I’ve never been in Puerto Rico, but I’d like to add it on my bucket list.

    1. Definitely push it up your list of must-see places!

  11. These photos are so gorgeous and enticing! I would love to wake up to an open room like that. So awesome.

    1. The O:live Hotel is lovely and to wake up in El Yunque would be pretty amazing too.

  12. Oh my God! How incredible is the bio bay? That photo os amazing and really makes me want to visit!

    1. Yea we are all about the bio bays–can’t wait!

  13. You are so fortunate to have visited all of these places. Biolumiscent Bay is absolutely stunning, great photos.

    1. We have followed our dream to travel the world so in many ways we are very fortunate, but with smart planning and perseverance anything is possible, Chantal!

  14. WOW! Those are some gorgeous places you visited. That Biolumiscent Bay looks like something out of a movie

    1. So many super gorgeous places and this is just small snippet, Maureen!

  15. It looks so beautiful!! And like the perfect spot to honymoon

    1. There is so much adventure and luxury to be had and it’s pretty reasonable too!

  16. I went to Puerto Rico a few years back with a guy I was dating and it was truly a wonderful time. I am looking forward to getting back in the near future! 😀

    1. It’s definitely a great spot for a romantic getaway. Glad you plan on going back, @culturalxplorer:disqus!

  17. Wow this looks like the most beautiful place. I need to see that bioluminescent water!

    1. It’s lovely. We hope you make it to Puerto Rico, @stephaniepass:disqus!

  18. These photos are gorgeous and you are so lucky that you have visited all of these places!!

    1. Such a pretty place, right? There are a few fortunate factors on our side but traveling the world is entirely possible if you set our mind to it.

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