RTW South America Travel IdeasYou don’t hear to too much about Uruguay, until you hit Buenos Aires. The UNESCO-blessed city of Colonia del Sacramento is a mere hour boat ride from BA and its Portuguese-meets-Spanish heritage makes it an interesting and utterly charming place to get away….for say, an anniversary. Yes, believe it or not Mike and I celebrated our first year of marriage and Colonia was the perfect place to toast one heck of a life together.

For glimpse at our celebration weekend in Uruguay, see the slideshow below and to get a handle on one of most unique colonial towns in South America–mashed up with architectural styles from three distinct cultures and one wacky history–check out SeeingDesign.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1071114534 Jim Steere on Facebook

    I heard it is among the cheapest / best values in the world.

  • JimSteere

    very nice … is Uruguay a good a value as I read in “International Living”? also cited > great infrastructure and low real estate prices .. along with a nice lifestyle …

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      It was cheaper than BA thats for sure. And thankfully we didnt need to test out their hospitals :). Lifestyle we can say was solid! Argentina also had a lot of full time germans and swiss, leading to some excellent chocolate and craft beers.

      • JimSteere

        good place for a get away for Betsy and me?

        • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

          we wouldnt recommend it really. we hear there are lots of ex-pats there, and the beaches are sort of manufactured for tourists. that being said we had a good time in Colonia, but we would recommend lots of other places for you guys :)

          • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

            and to be fair, we didnt make it past Colonia, only going on what other travellers told us (partly why we didnt venture further up the coast)

  • KimRogers2012

    Happy Anniversary!  Congrats.

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      Thanks so much Kim!

  • http://www.MyBeautifulAdventures.com/ Andi Perullo

    Happy Anniversary! I love Uruguay, I think it’s completely underrated!!! 

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      andi, thanks for the Anniv wishes. yeah we loved Uruguay, very cool country (although we can only speak to Colonia :)

  • Csetchell

    Happy anniversary to you guys!!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate :-)

    Looks like you are still having so much fun. South America had never been on my list of places to visit, but I’m loving reading about it via your travels… Keep ‘em coming!

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      South America was SO very cool. The diversity down there is like the States, you can drive 300 miles and go from a rainforest, to a dessert, to a 15,000 foot peek. and the people were just so much nicer than we could ever expect. i mean if we met 5 people the entire trip with a sourpuss face, that would be a lot. everyone always had a smile, willing to give directions (or walk you there), never asked for money, never felt unsafe for a single instant (even spending an overnight in the Rio de Janeiro bus station. lol)

  • Nicole

    I’ve been to this place in April, shortly before you came there. I LOVED it. For me, it felt a little bit like time travelling after leaving BA behind you and coming to this peaceful place. Loved it!

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      yeah we loved it as a short getaway from the craziness of BA. were you in BA for a while?

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