Happy Travel New Year 2014
In 2013 we traveled 32,000 overland miles through 17 countries across four continents…it was a heck of a year. We originally thought our around-the-world trip would stop after 500 days but then Europe started calling our name and we were just having too much fun to call it quits. So we pressed on for 175 days more into the UK, Scandinavia, and Turkey! In the process of traveling with wild abandon, we may have gotten a little behind on blogging (okay, a lot behind). Though the good news is that if you are enjoying the HoneyTrek, we have so many more incredible places to share with you in the coming year!

Here are some of our favorite moments from 2013 and a glimpse at the good stuff to come on HoneyTrek.com in 2014.

Tet New Year Celebration
Vietnam: Taking part in the Tet New Year festivities with the Red Dzao tribe (mosh-pit style dancing, drinking chicken blood, and fire throwing included).

elefantasia  sayaboury
Laos: Watching the 100+ pachyderm procession at the ElefantAsia Festival and getting to jump in the river and scrub one behind the ears.

Thailand Chiang Mai temples
Thailand: Chilling in Chiang Mai, from temple hopping to dress-up parties at a lady boy costume shop (yes, that really happened).

honeytrek favorite desinations
Myanmar: Meeting the nicest people on the planet (despite living under a strict military regime until 2011).

helicopter ride New Zealand glacier
New Zealand: Snowball fights atop the Franz Josef glacier.

Cod fish of the great barrier reef
Australia: Four-day liveaboard scuba trip into the depths of the Great Barrier Reef.

boat from coron to el nido
Philippines: Charting a new path through Bacuit archipelago, camping on islands, and diving for giant clam dinners.

Bajawa villages
Indonesia: Taking communal showers in the volcanic hot springs outside Bajawa, Flores.

Nepali coast by helicopter
Hawaii/USA: Running into topless hikers on the way to the Napali Coast hippy commune.

Oban Highland Games
Scotland: Watching burly men in kilts flip a 20-foot tree end over end at the annual Highland Games.

couples travel Giants Causeway
Northern Ireland: Hopscotching across the hexagonal rocks of Giant’s Causeway.

bunk campers ireland
Ireland: Campervanning 1,800 kilometers along the windswept peninsulas and drinking pints of Guinness while watching Gaelic jam sessions.

cliff walks st davids
Wales: Realizing that England’s kid brother is way cooler than anyone gives him credit for.

luxury hotels devon
England: Staying at a former Duke’s home-turned-hotel and sleeping in the same suite as Prince Charles and Steven Spielberg (not at the same time mind you).

hurtigruten northern lights
Norway: Cruising the magnificent fjords all the way to the Arctic Circle and watching the neon Northern Lights dance across the sky.

travertine pools pamukkale
Turkey: Paragliding over the travertine pools and Roman ruins of Pamukkale.

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Thanks so much for your support over the past two years and cheers to an incredible 2014!

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  1. I was wondering what happened to you guys. If you need another place to go try going here: http://www.icehotel.com It is on my bucketlist…

    1. Still kickin, don’t you worry doughboy! Ooo the icehotel would be amazing. We were right by the one in Kirkenes Norway but they needed a month more of cold to get it built…officially added to the list!

      1. Cool…I live vicariously through you guys. 🙂

          1. Pretty good. Just had my biggest month ever as far as revenue goes because Target had a 1 day takeover. Lexi is doing well…she finally got to go back to school after the winter break and the school being closed for the subzero temps.

  2. Cam Wears says:

    Holy crap – that’s a lot of epic adventures! Can’t wait to read the stories…

    1. LOL, tell me about it! Thanks for the continued support Cam and we are thrilled to have you along in 2014!

  3. Rashaad Jorden says:

    (1) I thought the military regime was still in place in Burma

    (2) I didn’t know you visited northen Thailand. I’m looking forward to reading about your time in Chiang Mai.

    (3) I’m really looking forward to reading about the Na Pali Coast hippy commune.

    1. 1) They are semi-civilian government with some seats still appointed by the military and others are elected officials but the military junta was officially dissolved in 2011.
      2) We did a full loop around Southeast Asia–Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, then back to Thailand for another two weeks!
      3) Glad you are excited about the Na Pali coast (don’t get too excited though, no photos of the topless hikers 😉

  4. marjorie acrobat show says:

    How wonderful to glide along on your wings.
    All the Best for 2014

    1. “Marjorie acrobat show” and world traveler that you are…hang on, it’s going to be a beautiful ride! Thank you and cheers to a wonderful 2014!

  5. GoatsOnTheRoad says:

    Hey Guys! Wow, that is one epic year. Sounds like you had some great adventures. All the best to you in 2014…we can’t wait to read about what you get up to 🙂


  6. Laura Pabst Maloney says:

    These pictures are amazing – I can’t wait to see more and read about all your fun adventures!

  7. Debbie Gersten says:

    Awesome pics and stories, as usual! So what’s the plan for you two in 2014?? Inquiring minds want to know! Happy New Year!

    1. Hey @debbiegersten:disqus ! Thanks for the love kid. The plan for 2014…ssshhh….don’t tell anyone (as they probably don’t read all the comments)….we are putting the wheels in motion for a “HoneyTrek USA”…now that we have honeymooned in 33 countries, it’s time to bring it home to the States. If you know anyone who runs a big champagne brand (think sponsor), send em our way 🙂

  8. Corinne Vail says:

    Looks like 2013 was a banner year for you…I hope you have just as much fun in 2014!

    1. thanks so much @corinnevail:disqus….2013 was pretty spectacular….2014 has been awesome so far in its own right….slightly less countries visited so far, but good to see lots of old friends 🙂

  9. I love your beautiful shots guys…many wishes for much more traveling in 2014 as well 🙂

    1. Thanks Siddhartha! 2014 will be an exciting year for sure and we hope the same for you!

  10. Hi guys, nice finding your blog. You have had amazing travels. Glad you’re still continuing your honeymoon! Looking forward to follow your next adventures.

    1. Marisol, so nice to connect with you as well! Just checked out TravelingSolemates, love that you guys are having major adventures as well! Jealous you’ve been to Bhutan and Iceland…we’ll have to check your blog for tips someday!

  11. Looks/sounds like the most wonderful trip! Can’t wait to see the full blogs posts about these various destinations!

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  14. aditya kadwadkar says:

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