If there is one thing we miss the most on our around-the-world HoneyTrek, it is undoubtedly our friends and family…especially around the holidays. This December we were incredibly fortunate to have a few of each (TJ, Scott, Carolyn, Ashley, Chelsea, and my brother Ryan) visit us in Thailand to celebrate our favorite holiday and the last one for the next 100 years: the meeting of the “Day/Month/Year!” In celebration of 12/12/12 we did so many amazing things over the course of 12 days, from spelunking in limestone caves, motorbiking tropical islands, summiting awe-inspiring temples, and laughing ’til it hurt. We made a short video about the crazy days of 12/12/12…have a watch, and a giggle, and remember there is nothing better than getting silly with good friends. Happy Holidays from HoneyTrek.

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  • http://HoneyTrek.com Mike


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5519987 Marty Dundics

    That was great!

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      i knew you would like that one Marty! Thanks for the shout out.

  • Carol laager
    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      glad you liked that one Carol. did you laugh at any of them?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=768603196 Kristin DeMarco

    I’m so glad to see you are still celebrating those dates, I think my first was 6/6/2006?! Awkward toilet moments were my fav! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys! Wish I was there too! Enjoy the rest of your Trek! Cheers!

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      You know I am all about traditions Kristin! And 12/12/12 was a special one as it is a natural end to an amazing series. 6/6/6 oh yeah the Devil theme one! Solid….can you believe 6 friends flew to freaking Thailand to celebrate 12/12/12 with us? That just rocks my socks off!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryanjameshoward Ryan Howard

    Great tune, great choreography! I miss having a Chang for breakfast. Awesome spending an amazing 10 days in such a beautiful country with you guys. Can’t wait to keep reading about your newest treks.

    • http://HoneyTrek.com/ Mike Howard – HoneyTrek.com

      and it was SO great having you and @Chelsea with us in Thailand….honestly that made our holiday more than anything else could have. love you holmes!

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